Full Circle: Coming Home to the Faithfulness of God – Revised and Expanded

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One woman’s desire for affirmation and significance led her into deception and spiritual abuse in a toxic cult, and caused her to lose her relationships, all she owned, her thriving publishing company, and her reputation. In this candid memoir of loss and restoration, love lost and found, the faithfulness of God takes first place. This expanded and updated edition includes more inspirational full-circle moments. 

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One woman’s search for affirmation and significance trapped her in bad choices and caused her to lose everything of value in her life. Deceived by Scientology, mysticism, and years in a toxic and restrictive cult, she lost her marriage, relationships, home, her publishing company, and her reputation.  

In this candid and heartfelt memoir, Athena Dean Holtz tells how her eyes were opened and how God restored all that had been lost, and gave her the desires of her heart, including a loving, godly husband. 

Athena Dean Holtz now uses her growing multi-faceted platform to encourage and uplift others through sharing the faithfulness of God in her life and in the lives of others. 

This revised and updated edition includes many additional full-circle moments in the six years of restoration since the original edition was published, along with reflection questions for individual or small group study. 


Brave, honest, raw. Full of wisdom forged in the fires of experience. Every reader will be enriched by Athena’s open and revealing account of her journey into wholeness. 

—The late Jennifer Kennedy Dean, former executive director of The Praying Life Foundation 

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6 reviews for Full Circle: Coming Home to the Faithfulness of God – Revised and Expanded

  1. Konnie Viner

    Transparency and authenticity on every page! Athena’s memoir is a moving account of the steadfast love of the Lord which never ceases and His mercies which never come to an end. Her journey showcases God’s faithfulness and healing in overcoming abuse, trials, heartaches, disappointments, and losses. Her courageous account is hopeful for anyone who is in the valley, wondering if God can redeem what has been lost. Yes, He can! You will remember Athena’s story long after closing the cover.

  2. Davis & Tammy Whitehurst

    The book is nothing short of awesome! Athena is real and speaks to the heart of her readers. Her transparency crosses the line to some yet teaches so much to everyone. The woman went through the dark and was delivered into the light of Christ in such a beautiful way. I give a standing ovation to Athena!

  3. Bethany Jett

    I was hooked from the opening story and couldn’t stop reading. At times, I felt like I was reading a novel – the experiences that Athena has lived through did not break her, but God strengthened her, even when she was fighting against Him. It’s refreshing to read a story where the author is vulnerable, transparent, and honest about her struggles.

    My endorsement: “You can’t help but have God speak directly to your heart while reading Athena’s words in Full Circle: Coming Home to the Faithfulness of God. Prepare to be humbled by Athena’s vulnerability. Prepare to have God shine a spotlight on the cracks in your faith. Prepare to be changed.”

  4. Lorraine Varela

    With candid vulnerability, Athena Dean Holz shares the tangled journey of her heartbreaks through life—choices interwoven in a quest for value, an inner cry to be seen and truly known. Her story is a poignant reminder that no matter where life takes us, or what our eyes can see, we do not walk this journey alone but are accompanied step-by-step by the One who is always faithful. This is the story of love.

  5. Jeff Roper

    The story you will read in this book is about the horrors of abuse and deception and the grace of God to redeem and restore. The story is real. I saw it happen. I was a pastor in the community where Athen was a member of a “Christian cult.” I saw the devestated lives, the families broken apart, and a well-known Christian publishing company destroyed. And, I saw the amazing grace of God restore Athena Dean Holtz.

  6. Whitney Macdonald

    Full Circle is a 5-star inspirational memoir that is as gripping as a romantic suspense novel. This book does not have sluggish sections; it’s particularly fast-paced and action-packed in the middle. And like all good memoirs, Athena Dean Holtz has been brutally honest and deeply introspective. There are valuable lessons concerning the dangers of legalism and materialism. It was inspiring to see God’s loving hand at work in her heart and life as God drew her into a deep relationship with Christ through the tragic circumstances she suffered. This memoir serves as a warning to avoid the snares of narcissistic leaders or cult-like churches. This memoir glorifies the Lord of grace and love. Readers should start the book early in the day because they may not be getting any sleep if they start it later—it’s hard to put down.

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