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What to Expect when Ordering Books through Redemption Press

I work with authors every day helping them process orders for their books and track down shipments, among many other duties for Redemption Press, and one of the most common questions I receive from authors is “How long until I receive my order?”

Our printer has locations in Tennessee, Ohio, Pennsylvania, California, UK, and Australia. There are two variable time frames — one for printing your book and one for shipping.

Printing/shipping time is 7-10 business days and another 5 days for shipping. 

Let’s start with the variable printing options.

  • Economy Service – usually prints in 5-7 business days and is included with your basic order.

We also have 3 variable shipping methods. We have no control over the freight delivery time, because of this we cannot promise a delivery date.

  • Commercial Ground UPS – Usually ships in 5 business days.
  • Commercial 2nd Day UPS – Usually ships in 2 business days. This not very economical, but it is an option for expedited orders.
  • Commercial Next day – Ships in 1 business day. This is the least economical of all options.

Another question I frequently get asked is “How many copies do I have to order at a time?” there is no minimum or maximum. You can order 1 copy or 1,000. We do however offer the following discounts for the authors who want to order in bulk.

  • 100-199 copies – 1% discount on the cost of books only
  • 200-299 copies – 2% discount on the cost of books only
  • 300-399 copies – 7% discount on the cost of books only
  • 400-499 copies – 10% discount on the cost of books only
  • 500+ 749 copies – 15% discount on the cost of books only
  • 750 – 999 copies – 18% discount on the cost of books only
  • 1,000 + copies – 20% discount on the cost of books only

If you are wanting to order copies of your book, please submit the book order form by clicking here.

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