I work with authors every day helping them process orders for their books and track down shipments, among many other duties for Redemption Press, and one of the most common questions I receive from authors is “How long until I receive my order?”

Our printer has locations in Tennessee, Ohio, Pennsylvania, California, UK, and Australia. There are two variable time frames — one for printing your book and one for shipping.

The basic printing/shipping time is 10 business days, including five days for printing, and another five for shipping.

However, there are quite a few options for expediting your order. Let’s start with the variable printing options.

  • Economy Service – usually prints in 5 business days and is included with your basic order
  • Express Service – Usually prints in 2 business days. This option is also the most economical when authors are wanting their books in 7 business days rather than 10. This usually only costs a few extra dollars (depending on the amount of books being ordered).
  • Rush Service – Usually prints in 1 business day. This option is usually still more economical than expediting the shipping.

We also have 3 variable shipping methods.

  • Commercial Ground UPS – Usually ships in 5 business days.
  • Commercial 2nd Day UPS – Usually ships in 2 business days. This not very economical, but it is an option for expedited orders.
  • Commercial Next day – Ships in 1 business day. This is the least economical of all options.

So, with all of this information, what is the quickest you can receive your books? The fastest you can receive your books is 2 business days.

Another question I frequently get asked is “How many copies do I have to order at a time?” there is no minimum or maximum. You can order 1 copy or 1,000. We do however offer the following discounts for the authors who want to order in bulk.

  • 100-199 copies – 1% discount on the cost of books only
  • 200-299 copies – 2% discount on the cost of books only
  • 300-399 copies – 7% discount on the cost of books only
  • 400-499 copies – 10% discount on the cost of books only
  • 500+ 749 copies – 15% discount on the cost of books only
  • 750 – 999 copies – 18% discount on the cost of books only
  • 1,000 + copies – 20% discount on the cost of books only

If you are wanting to order copies of your book, please submit the book order form by clicking here.

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