Submission Guidelines

  • Provide entire manuscript in one document (if you have each chapter in a separate file, you will need to combine them all by cutting and pasting the text from each chapter into one manuscript named title full manuscript).
  • Please double space the manuscript and use a size 12 font.
  • Do not use the space bar to indent a new paragraph. Instead, use the TAB button or the automatic feature.
  • Begin each chapter on a new page. For fiction books, number the chapters. For nonfiction, list the chapter title under the chapter number.
  • Place a page heading in the upper left corner which includes the title of the book and your last name (in Word, select view, then header/footer, and then type in the title and your last name).
  • Place a page number in the upper right corner, numbering the pages consecutively from beginning to end (in Word, select insert and then page numbers).
  • Include a complete table of contents. Do not include page numbers as these will change in typesetting.
  • Do not attempt to format your text, since we will be doing that on our end. This should save you lots of time!
  • If your manuscript includes illustrations or photos, do not place the image in the manuscript. Simply state {Place illustration 1 here – brief description of image}. Then make sure your images are named consecutively, illustration 1, illustration 2, etc. State within the brackets whether you want the image only on the page, or the text to wrap around the image, or the text to be above and below the image.
  • If you have footnotes, please convert to endnotes by cutting and pasting them into the last page of the manuscript.
  • If you are not utilizing our editorial services, be sure to proofread your manuscript carefully, following the Chicago Manual of Style 16th Edition (most libraries have copies of this useful tool). If your computer has a grammar check or spell check, run your manuscript through it to catch errors. Ask someone else to read your work or read it aloud to catch further mistakes.
  • Please do not add unnecessary carriage returns. Doing so can drastically change the format of your book. Remember: Only press the enter button to start a new paragraph or section when working on your manuscript. To make certain of this, click on the ¶ show/hide symbol on your Word document to see all the hard carriage returns in your manuscript and change them if needed. The ¶ show/hide symbol should be located on the Standard toolbar normally located under the menu bar in Microsoft Word. Important: The ¶ show/hide symbol should only be seen when you are starting a new paragraph or section.
  • Please make a note of which Bible translations you used. The first translation listed should be the one used most and the last should be the translation you used least. This will be needed for the copyright page. In your manuscript wherever you have a scripture quotation, please indicate which version you used by putting it in parenthesis after the chapter and verse (i.e. (John 3:16, NIV). Do this for all quotations except for the version you used the most, we will take care of that on the copyright page.
  • Avoid overusing italics and bold for emphasis. 

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