Terms of Publishing Services

This Agreement is between Redemption Press (“Publisher”) and the Author (“Author”), concerning the terms and conditions of the Service to be provided for the project (the “Work”), whereby the following is mutually agreed:

RIGHTS & OWNERSHIP: Author grants Publisher nonexclusive, worldwide license to print and distribute the Work in print and electronic media. Publisher acquires no right of ownership of the Work itself under this Agreement, and all rights not explicitly granted to Publisher are reserved to Author. Author may enter into another publishing agreement for this Work at any time. Publisher’s name, logo, and all associated identifications are copyright and/or trademarks of Publisher and may not be used in any way by Author without specific written authorization.

Author shall at all times retain all rights to the title, interest in the work and its contents, including all copyrights, trademarks, derivative rights, and other intellectual property associated with the Work, including but not limited to all native files, production files, cover art, interior formatting, or anything else created by Publisher for Author’s Work pursuant to this Agreement.

Within the general conditions and limitations of the Service, Author shall have the specific right to:

  • Participate in and direct the design, layout, and presentation of the Work
  • Set or alter the title, retail price, or metadata associated with the Work
  • Determine the method and means of advertising, promoting, and selling the Work
  • Publish subsequent and revised editions
  • Publish or permit others to publish selections, digests, abridgments, serializations, syndications, reproductions (mechanical, audio, or visual), or recordings at Author’s discretion
  • Arrange for the sale of all rights pertaining to the Work, including serialization, syndication, translation, digest, abridgment or condensation, motion picture, dramatization, radio, television, mechanical rendition and/or recording, digital formats, or any other use of the content of the Work, domestically and internationally.
  • All native and printer ready files created by the Publisher.

MANUSCRIPT SUBMISSION: Author understands that the manuscript should be complete, contained in one (1) file, and comply with the Submission Guidelines posted on Publisher’s website. Publisher must be able to access your submitted electronic files (including manuscript and images, if applicable) in standard formats and on standard equipment. For special cases, Author may request extra time be spent troubleshooting and attempting to convert or merge their files, and Author will then be charged at the prevailing hourly rate in fifteen (15) minute increments. Additional services such as legal or editorial review, indexing, data entry, or transcribing will incur separate costs and are quoted on a case-by-case basis if requested by Author. Publisher will not be responsible for reduced quality on images of less than 300 dpi resolution submitted by Author. Upon written request, Publisher shall return any physical disks, manuscripts, photographs, or artwork, within thirty (30) days of completion of the project, at Author’s expense.

CONTENT & AUTHOR STANDARDS: Publisher provides and maintains high standards of quality and evangelical Christian theology. By entering into this Agreement, Author acknowledges familiarity and compliance with Publisher’s standards (as posted on Publisher’s website). Publisher shall have full and sole discretion in determining objectionable content. General categories include material that: (a) directly offends the name, person, or work of God; (b) contradicts or undermines the basic beliefs and/or values of evangelical Christianity; (c) teaches doctrine with no reasonable biblical basis; (d) uses offensive, indecent, or suggestive language; (e) is, or may be deemed, illegal or immoral. If such content is found at any stage in the production process, Publisher shall provide Author with a summary explanation of any objections and Author will be given the opportunity to modify the content. If the content cannot be modified, or Author refuses to modify, Publisher may immediately cancel the project and refund to Author the original payment received, less costs of any work/services already performed or committed to, and a ten (10) percent cancellation fee. Publisher reserves the right to refuse the use of an identifying imprint and/or distribution if Author will not allow adequate editing of the manuscript (based on the current edition of The Chicago Manual of Style) and/or overall quality of presentation to comply with industry standards, or due to questionable content.

Author recognizes that Publisher publishes Christian authors, and represents themselves as a distinctly evangelical Christian publisher. Author must confirm that they agree with the Statement of Faith (The Apostle’s Creed) displayed on the Publisher website.

WARRANTY & INDEMNITY: Author affirms that he/she is familiar with Publisher’s standards, specifications, and requirements, and that the Work: (1) is an original creation that in no way violates any copyright or trademark belonging to another party; (2) contains nothing of a libelous or scandalous character; (3) does not violate privacy rights; (4) is otherwise lawful. If Author is a joint or corporate entity of any kind, Publisher shall not be involved in any dispute that may arise between the members. In the event that the entity is dissolved, rendered non-viable, or in dispute for the purposes of this Agreement, Publisher shall have the right to determine and pursue individual responsibility at its discretion. Publisher will not be liable for special, consequential, or incidental damages arising from actions beyond Publisher’s reasonable control. Publisher warrants it will perform the Services described herein in a professional manner, in compliance with all reasonable industry standards, and in accordance with the specific terms outlined in this Agreement. Publisher will not scan or otherwise reproduce artwork or copyrighted material, including endorsements, unless provided with written permission from the copyright holder. It is the Author’s responsibility to secure all permissions required for use of material (text, art, etc.) owned by others, and to provide copies to Publisher. Author must ensure compliance with any special provisions contained therein. Any additional fees required to secure permissions will be paid by Author.

AUTHOR COST & ORDERING: Author to set retail price for his/her title and order copies at printer’s published rates. Book orders will not be released to print until payment is received. All book orders are non-refundable and cannot be canceled.

AUTHOR PROFITS (NOT ROYALTIES): On all print-on-demand sales of the Work, except for copies sold directly to Author, Publisher shall pay Author the profit. Profit amounts may vary according to the type of sale, but are always calculated as: the net amount Publisher receives for sale of the Work minus “Author Cost” and a reasonable handling fee (if applicable). Author Cost is currently set at our printers posted printing prices (as of 11/1/2018 new printer pricing as follows: trade paperback is 0.0138 x page count plus 1.35 + .20 x 1.12 or $4.83 per copy for a 200 page book, plus shipping and handling. Premium color paperback is .0905 x page count plus $1.31 + .20 x 1.12 or $4.93 per copy for an 8.5 x 11 – 32 page color picture book, plus shipping and handling.)

EBOOK AND AUDIO BOOK PROFITS: Author receives 90% of revenue amount received from reseller. When sold on Redemption Press website, author receives total revenue received less $1.50 handling fee per order.

Any subsequent returns result in a deduction of the profits paid and printing cost. Publisher will provide Author with access to an online sales and profits report. All sales data is not available in real time, and some may take up to forty-five (45) days to post. Profits are paid quarterly via check or a method agreed upon between Author and Publisher, on a schedule determined by Publisher, and are dependent on Publisher receiving actual payment for sales. If Author has past due invoices outstanding, Publisher reserves the right to apply profit payments and/or withhold services at its discretion until Author’s account is current. Checks less than $5.00 will be held until the total profits accrue to an amount exceeding this minimum.

PUBLICATION & DISTRIBUTION: Author is deemed to be self-publishing the Work. Publisher provides professional reputation, imprint, production, design, editing, administration, project management, quality control, and other associated services. It remains the responsibility of the Author to advertise, market, and sell the Work. Publisher shall prepare the Work for print/distribution according to the specific services included, after receipt of all completed, edited and author-approved materials relating to the Work. Completion time may vary according to the individual demands of the project. Publisher does not guarantee a specific publication date or subsequent sales results. Publisher reserves the right to revise, replace, or update distribution, promotional or marketing services as necessary, including any charges involved, to adapt to new technology, laws, procedures, general economic developments, etc. Publisher shall offer the Work for sale through its online bookstore and selected distribution channels, and comply with any standard trade discounts/procedures deemed necessary. If print-on-demand books are purchased and then returned by distributors or bookstores, Author agrees to have returned copy print cost and profits paid deducted from their next profit statement.  Author may request in writing to mark the Work as non-returnable, but Author acknowledges that this decision may result in reduced distribution opportunities.

After an initial twelve- (12) month period, Author will be invoiced for a five year period of distribution at $20.00 each (or $100). Should author choose to pay annually, the rate changes to $35 per year. The annual maintenance fee is required to keep electronic files active and continue availability of the print-on-demand Work to online stores, bookstores, and distributors. If Author fails to pay the annual maintenance fee within ninety (90) days, then Publisher may immediately cancel this Agreement and remove the Work from print and/or distribution. Standard administration fees will be applied for cancellation, or Author’s request to remove the Work from print and/or distribution. Publisher shall not be responsible for accidental loss or damage to archived project files.

EDITORIAL SERVICES: Publisher will direct all editing work to a professional and commercial standard. Publisher assumes no responsibility for specific characteristics of editing or proofreading of the Work, unless otherwise agreed upon in writing by Author and Publisher. Author acknowledges and agrees that any editing service does not guarantee perfection, and Author will remain responsible for final review and approval of the Work. Author further acknowledges that any editing service will increase turnaround time in proportion to the level of editing required. Recommended editing is subject to change as a result of editor evaluation. A waiver/disclaimer may be required if Author rejects Publisher’s recommended editing level. Edited manuscripts will be provided in Microsoft Word format. If Author makes significant changes after editing, an editorial review will be required, at an additional cost, or an appropriate disclaimer added.

COPYRIGHT, ISBN, LIBRARY OF CONGRESS NUMBER: Publisher agrees to provide and assign the formats of the Work a unique ISBN number and to register the copyright and Library of Congress numbers. Copyright submission is made in Author’s name subsequent to publication date. ISBN is non-transferable.

FORMAT & RETAIL PRICE: Publisher will collaborate with Author and endeavor to comply with Author’s reasonable requests concerning the production quality, format, and appearance of the Work. Author shall have final discretion on the physical characteristics of the Work, and print-on-demand retail price of the Work.

COVER DESIGN: Publisher will produce a unique, professionally-designed, full-cover layout for the Work. Publisher will invite, and make every effort to incorporate, Author’s suggestions, but shall not be responsible to create or procure specific images or illustrations, or to perform specific design requests beyond the level of service specified. If Author requests a cover design that Publisher deems to be inconsistent with its quality standards, restrictions to further services may apply. Author acknowledges that colors viewed on a computer monitor, or hard copy, printed from a standard printer may not match the actual colors on the final printed book. Author also acknowledges that colors may vary within normal parameters between print runs, and that quality of the final product is limited to the best available technology.

TEXT FORMAT: Publisher will provide professional typesetting service consistent with industry standards. Author acknowledges that Publisher cannot guarantee any special, customized, or unusual formatting requests. Any requests for typesetting beyond that stipulated in the program will incur an hourly charge at the prevailing rate, for which the author will pay a deposit in advance. Author acknowledges that errors may occur in the typesetting process and Author will be responsible for final review and approval of the Work. Publisher shall perform one set of corrections, at no cost to the Author, to correct any errors proven to be the fault of Publisher. Author acknowledges that additional fees will apply for any requested revisions to the text after typesetting.

REVIEW & FINAL APPROVAL: Author will be supplied with digital proofs of the Work throughout the pre-press process, including final printer-ready files. Author is responsible for final review and approval of the Work, and must sign an official approval form before the Work is sent to print. After the full-cover proof and the text/interior proof are approved by Author, under no circumstances shall Publisher refund, reimburse, replace, or otherwise be held responsible for books containing cover or text errors, color variance, design flaws, etc. After the Work is in print, Author may choose to revise the text or cover files at any time for an additional fee. Any concerns about the final product must be made in writing within seven (7) days of receipt of first copies.

PRINTING & SHIPPING: Publisher selects printers and shippers based on a number of factors, including an established reputation for quality, cost-effectiveness, specific requirements, and overall service. Publisher is not responsible for any error, damage, or loss outside of its direct control, but will make a good faith attempt to procure a remedy by the appropriate vendor, i.e. shipper, printer, etc. Publisher’s representation of Author in these matters shall imply no liability on the part of Publisher.

COMMUNICATION: The primary form of communication between Author and Publisher shall be via e-mail. Author is responsible for keeping all contact information current by accessing and updating his/her account on Publisher’s on-line management system; in particular, Author must maintain a valid and active e-mail address associated with his/her account at all times, and ensure that e-mail notifications sent by Publisher are not blocked or deleted. If Author is unable to communicate effectively via e-mail/Internet, Author should make Publisher aware of this in writing, prior to entering into any agreement, so that other arrangements can be made. If required, additional fees to cover the costs of communication by secondary methods will be applied.

FEES & CHARGES: Any current rates referred to in this Agreement are posted on the website. Any related estimates and/or quotes are made on the basis of information available at the time and are subject to change. Hard costs for any project with an extended timeframe are subject to change in response to operational modifications, industry standards, general economic circumstances, or other factors beyond Publisher’s control. Publisher will make every effort to keep additional/incidental fees to a minimum, but cannot foresee all potential factors or extra work which may be required in every scenario. Author acknowledges that each project is unique, and charges and fees may vary. If any extra work/service is deemed necessary, which is not specifically covered by this Agreement, Author will be quoted the charge in advance and payment shall be due prior to commencement. Author may choose to decline any such extra services, subject to the overall requirements of this Agreement. International shipping (if applicable) will incur additional charges.

REFUNDS & PENALTIES: Refunds (if applicable) may be subject to a ten (10) percent administrative fee.

DISPUTE RESOLUTION: A resolution to all disputes between Author and Publisher must first be attempted by communicating directly with the Publisher. This Agreement shall be governed by and construed according to the laws of the State of Washington. The Parties agree that any action of any kind relating to this Agreement shall be instituted and commenced exclusively in King County, Washington, and the parties hereby waive the right to change such venue. In any dispute arising concerning this Agreement and its related transactions, both parties shall physically attend any and all necessary mediations, hearings, conferences, or significant meetings of any kind. The prevailing party in any dispute shall be awarded attorney’s fees and costs. If Author provides any payment by credit card, Author agrees not to violate this Agreement by attempting to unilaterally dispute the charge via his/her bank, credit card company, etc., prior to completion of this procedure.

TERM & TERMINATION: Publisher’s license to print and distribute the Work shall extend for not less than one (1) year after publication date. The license shall then automatically renew for consecutive one- (1) year terms for as long as this Agreement remains in effect. Either party may terminate this Agreement upon thirty (30) days advance, written notice, subject to the following conditions: Author may not initiate a termination of this Agreement if Author has any payments outstanding, or prior to the expiration of the initial one- (1) year distribution period, without the agreement of Publisher. Author must submit notice of termination in writing. If Publisher terminates this Agreement, Author’s account will be closed within sixty (60) days during which any remaining royalties or payments to Author shall be made. All clauses and rights, assigned or otherwise, that may reasonably be deemed to survive termination shall remain binding on both Parties.

ADDENDA: Due to the unique nature of projects, Addenda may be attached to this Agreement to detail additional or more specific services/products. Any addendum must be signed and dated by both Parties, and will thus be considered as an incorporated part of this Agreement. Where any conflict arises between the wording of this Agreement and a duly signed Addendum, the wording of the Addendum shall take precedence.

AGREEMENT & NOTICES: This Agreement, along with the most recent proposal provided by the Publisher constitutes the entire agreement between the parties and supersedes all other oral or written agreements. It cannot be substantially modified except in writing, signed by both parties, in an official Addendum. Any handwritten alterations to this Agreement are not valid and will not form any part of the Agreement. Agreeing to the terms as part of the on-line electronic form submission shall be deemed to be original and valid signatures with full legal authority. This Agreement shall remain binding upon any assigns, heirs, beneficiaries, subsidiaries, or entities of either Party. Publisher reserves the right to update any operational procedures, charges and/or schedules referred to in this Agreement at any time, upon provision of thirty (30) days advanced notice via website announcement, e-mail, or regular mail. All other notices referred to or required in any circumstances shall be made in writing and delivered by United States Postal Service certified mail.

If any part of this agreement be found to be legally unenforceable or invalid for any reason, such part shall be understood to reflect the original intent as closely as possible and, as so modified, shall remain in full effect alongside all other provisions of the agreement.
Publisher shall not be responsible to perform of any part of this Agreement until initial payment has been successfully received and processed.

RELEASE: Author indemnifies Publisher and holds Publisher harmless in respect of any breach by Author of a previous contract with another publisher.

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