Terms of Publishing Services



Author Manuscript Submission and Right to Ownership

Author agrees to deliver to Redemption Press a complete and final manuscript within 365 days of establishing this agreement. If Author is working with our editorial team to create the manuscript, it must be completed within the same time frame unless otherwise agreed upon. Author grants Redemption Press limited, nonexclusive rights to print the Work and to establish distribution for the Work. This includes the right to promote and sell the Work on behalf of the Author through channels such as Amazon, or others currently described in the publishing bundle purchased. Redemption Press acquires no right of ownership to the Work under this agreement and Author shall own full and complete copyright of the Work.

Term and Termination

Author may enter into another publishing agreement for this Work at any time. Author may terminate this agreement at any time in writing (See “Notices” below). For terminated agreements, Redemption Press may offer partial credits or refunds of uncompleted work paid by Author, based on percentage as follows:

  • 75% credit or refund if terminated in 30 days or less
  • 65% credit or refund if terminated between 31 and 60 days
  • 50% between 61 and 100 days
  • No credit or refund after 100 days.

In the event Author does not approve and authorize completion of the Work within one year of the date of this agreement, the agreement shall become null and void unless an extension is agreed to by both parties in writing. Redemption Press shall notify the author in writing of such termination 30 days prior, upon which the author shall have 30 days to authorize completion of the work.


Redemption Press will work with Author to develop an estimate of options for completing the Work using the current Price List. Once the manuscript is submitted, there may be adjustments to the pricing based on word and/or page count fluctuations. Estimates on book pricing are not guaranteed as they are determined by the printing pricing in effect at the time. Accepted estimates will be honored for one year provided there is no excessive delay (generally six months) in which there is little to no work being accomplished.  In this event, the estimate will be closed. A new estimate will be created to finish the remaining work at the current pricing. Any extensions must be agreed upon by both parties and estimate will be adjusted for any price changes for incomplete work.

Discounts / Payment Plans

Discounts may be offered as follows:

  • Full payment – 10%
  • 50% down with monthly payments (not to exceed six months) – 5%

If a payment plan is not followed the discount will be removed.

Redemption Press Reservation

Unless such services are purchased or expressly included in the publishing bundle, Redemption Press conducts no formal review of the contents of any Work before production. Redemption Press reserves the right to terminate at any time, before or after submission of materials, or assign an alternate imprint to Works at its sole discretion. Redemption Press will not publish Works which it determines, at its sole discretion, infringe on the copyright of another. Should Redemption Press cancel this agreement on these grounds, Author may qualify to receive a partial refund of fees for work not yet completed minus $399 Consultation/Review Fee if their work has not yet entered Production (including Editorial). There shall be no refund for Works that have entered Editing, Production or have been published and found to contain material that violates the copyright of another, or other material deemed to be in violation of applicable laws or Redemption Press standards. In lieu of termination, Redemption Press may assign the Work to an alternate imprint. Works assigned to alternate imprints will not be marketed or promoted under the Redemption Press name and/or logo.

Content and Author Standards

Publisher provides and maintains high standards of quality and evangelical Christian theology. By entering into this Agreement, Author acknowledges familiarity and compliance with Publisher’s standards (as posted on Publisher’s website). Publisher shall have full and sole discretion in determining objectionable content. General categories include material that: (a) directly offends the name, person, or work of God; (b) contradicts or undermines the basic beliefs and/or values of evangelical Christianity; (c) teaches doctrine with no reasonable biblical basis; (d) uses offensive, indecent, or suggestive language; (e) is, or may be deemed, illegal or immoral. If such content is found at any stage in the production process, Publisher shall provide Author with a summary explanation of any objections and Author will be given the opportunity to modify the content. If the content cannot be modified, or Author refuses to modify, Publisher may immediately cancel the project and refund to Author the original payment received, less costs of any work/services already performed or committed to, and a ten (10) percent cancellation fee.

Author recognizes that Publisher publishes Christian authors and represents themselves as a distinctly evangelical Christian publisher. Author must confirm that they agree with the Statement of Faith (The Apostle’s Creed) displayed on the Publisher website.

Publisher reserves the right to refuse the use of an identifying imprint and/or distribution if Author will not allow adequate editing of the manuscript (based on the current edition of The Chicago Manual of Style) and/or overall quality of presentation to comply with industry standards, or due to questionable content.


Redemption Press intends to prepare the Work for on-demand or expanded distribution within ninety (90) days of the date printer ready files are available to Redemption Press. Author acknowledges the production process may exceed this time period due to circumstances beyond Redemption Press’ control or if Author makes excessive changes to the manuscript after it has been submitted or typeset. Authors should NOT schedule book signings or other special promotions until they have their printed Work(s) in hand.

Author Warranties

Author guarantees he/she is the sole owner of the Work and has the full authority and right to enter into this agreement. Author guarantees the Work is original and does not infringe upon any laws or rights, and that the Work is not libelous, plagiarized, or in any other way illegal. If there is any material in the Work that is contributable to another person, Author will consult with Redemption Press about the inclusion of this material. Redemption Press assumes no responsibility for reviewing the editorial content of Work not completed by Redemption Press.

Terms of Sale

Author is not required to purchase copies of the Work but may purchase copies of the Work in any quantity. Orders must be paid for at the time the order is placed. Author may not cancel or otherwise alter an order after it has been placed. Washington state Authors will provide a Washington Reseller Permit. All other Authors are responsible for complying with their state’s tax code.


Redemption Press shall pay Author a royalty for each copy sold, minus print cost and returns. The royalty rate for copies sold is 100% of net receipts. Net receipts are defined as the total amount of money Redemption Press receives for sales, minus print and handling costs and any applicable sales commissions. Authors shall receive no royalties on copies they purchase.

Royalties are paid monthly if Author agrees to be paid via ACH bank transfer, otherwise they will be paid annually in September for the previous calendar year via paper check. If Author’s royalties do not exceed $25 in any royalty period, Redemption Press reserves the right to hold such royalties until a minimum $25 royalty payment has been reached.

Redemption Press reserves the right to deduct unpaid renewal fees or any other past due balance from Author’s royalty account. Royalties are not paid to authors until a W-9 or W-8BEN (available at www.irs.gov) is submitted to Redemption Press. Author agrees to ensure their Name, Mailing Address, and W-9 / W- 8BEN is current.

Cover Design

Redemption Press will design a cover for Author. The designer will use the Work Summary Questionnaire to design a cover which they feel will best market the Work. Authors with a specific drawing, illustration or photograph in mind should include it with manuscript submission. If possible, and if considered effective in marketing the Work, the designer, at their sole discretion, may incorporate the image in the cover. Cover includes limited stock images. Fees will be incurred if the Author chooses additional stock images or cover designs.

Redemption Press will work from Author’s suggestions but does not guarantee it can perform any unusual requests that are outside of normal cover design protocols. Author acknowledges that Redemption Press may charge for original drawings, paintings, staged photographs, or illustrations that are not included in the original proposal. The Author will receive limited rounds of cover changes and may incur fees with multiple rounds.

Author acknowledges that colors viewed on a computer monitor or hard copy printed from a computer printer may not reflect the actual colors on the final printed work. Further, Author acknowledges that cover color may vary between print runs. Since cover design for the work is submitted to print (“at press”) only after Author reviews and gives written indication to publish as is, unless agreed upon, Redemption Press shall not refund, reimburse, or otherwise replace works printed with cover errors or color variance.

Text Format

Redemption Press reserves the right to determine the manner and style in which the Work will be formatted and typeset, using The Chicago Manual of Style guide. Author acknowledges that any custom or unusual formatting requests, unless otherwise agreed upon, will not be included. Since formatted text for the work is submitted to print (“at press”) only after the Author reviews and approves their file in writing, under no circumstances shall Redemption Press refund, reimburse, or otherwise replace works printed with textual or formatting errors.

Miscellaneous Fees

Author agrees to submit his/her manuscript, already edited, copyedited, and proofread by Redemption Press staff or equivalent. Author acknowledges that Redemption Press may assess “change fees” for Author-requested text changes after the initial round for corrections or for changes to the cover. Additional Project Manager hours will be assessed for exceeding the number of hours included in the agreement. Fees are subject to change.

Annual Renewal Fee

All authors shall pay an annual renewal fee for distribution services where applicable on the anniversary date of the services completion – for convenience, this is normally available in blocks of 5 (five) years unless an alternative time frame is agreed to. Author will be notified when payment is due. Late fees may be assessed if not paid on time. If renewal fees are not paid, Redemption Press reserves the right to terminate distribution services.

Redemption Press reserves the right to deduct unpaid renewal fees or any other unpaid past due balance from author’s royalty account.

Redemption Press Discretion

Redemption Press shall have the discretion to determine the production, format, and appearance of the Work. The format and appearance of the Work may vary between printings. Printing prices are subject to change.

Author understands that despite Redemption Press’ best efforts, a service or item may be mispriced. In that event, Redemption Press will, at their discretion, notify Author of additional payment needed to fulfill this agreement or terminate this agreement.

Damage or Loss of Materials

Redemption Press shall endeavor to care for and return any hard copy of author-submitted photographs, graphics, or artwork, but is not responsible for any damage or loss. Such materials shall only be returned to the Author if enough postage and packaging material have been supplied by the Author. Any work submitted in electronic form will be discarded once all work has been completed.


Authors are wholly responsible for adhering to Federal and State tax requirements. All Washington state authors must have a current reseller permit on file to receive wholesale pricing. Authors in other states are responsible for meeting the reselling requirements in that state.


All notices to Redemption Press must be sent in writing to 1742 Cole Street, Unit 427, Enumclaw, WA 98022 by Certified Mail (United States Postal Service).

Complete Agreement

This written Agreement, including estimate or invoice outlining the services, contains the sole and entire Agreement between the parties and shall supersede any and all other prior agreements between the parties. This Agreement may not be modified or amended except in writing signed by both parties.

Law and Venue

The parties understand this agreement is binding upon their heirs, executors, administrators, and assigns. The laws of the State of Washington shall govern this agreement, and its courts shall be the venue for any litigation.

Agreement Date: 

Author Name:_______________________


Redemption Press: Athena Dean Holtz

Signature: ________________________

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