Genesis 1, 2, 3, and Beyond: Journeys Through the Early Universe


Sixty-year creation enthusiast Wendell Ford brings his passions to the table in this detailed book that explores the scientific and biblical reasons behind the creation story. The author believes no other passage in the Bible has been so misused and abused by believers and nonbelievers alike as the early chapters of Genesis. With specific Scripture verses, quotes from scientists, and experience from a background of electrical engineering, the author delivers thought-provoking and accurate information that balances the creation controversy.

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Conflict between science and the Bible has no validity, and no other passage has been debated between believers and nonbelievers as much as the first three chapters of Genesis. At least that’s what author Wendell Ford, engineer and veteran student of creation, believes.

Ford draws from his educational background in electrical engineering and over sixty years’ worth of interest in theology as he looks at the creation account from a scientific and biblical perspective that deftly blends the two concepts in a way that is educational, insightful, and analytical.

Genesis 1, 2, 3 and Beyond explores the facets of these much-debated and controversial beginnings of creation in three ways:
• to present scientific elements in the Bible that clearly support creation
• to expound on biblical elements in the Bible that preserve creation
• to preserve the element of faith that might be eroded by publicized clashes between mainstream scientists and biblical believers

Readers of science and theology will be challenged and encouraged by Ford’s ability to neatly explain why science is expressly seen throughout the powerful, creative beginnings of the world. Readers of the Bible and those who delight in seeing God’s creation in action across the page will enjoy Ford’s informative approach to science and the Bible in light of traditional creation.

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