Job: The Power Of Negative Thinking

Job: The Power Of Negative Thinking


For decades, the Book of Job has held universal appeal. Most believe that Job was written as a comforting guide for people who experienced troubling situations and thoughts, but as author Wendell Ford points out, God doesn’t answer any of Job’s questions, much less ours. Though exploring our negative thinking seems counterintuitive toward anything comforting, readers will actually come away with understanding and empathy for how to walk worthy in their day-to-day lives.


For decades, the Book of Job has held universal appeal because it is often described as a book of integrity, loyalty, and patience. Begin reading and you’ll discover that this man who lost everything is far from exercising these attributes. His thinking patterns are far from positive and he has a multitude of questions. To exacerbate the situation, even his three friends seem to be against him as they challenge the sin that must be in his life—this is why he has suffered so much loss.

Maybe you feel like Job. Like Job, you might feel depressed, rejected, inadequate, and helpless in your situation or with others. Like Job, maybe the people in your life don’t understand your thoughts, feelings, and situations and don’t truly show empathy to you. Like Job, you have a plethora of questions and you need answers from God. Author Wendell Ford leads us on a journey that explores the human existence where life constantly asks “Why?” Ford explains that Job is an agent toward

  • a source of personal revelation;
  • a deep well that expounds on our trials and foibles;
  • building our understanding and strength.

Job: The Power of Negative Thinking is for readers who often contemplate their existence in the world, why bad things always happen to them, or how they can find acceptance with others, and the author’s goal is to help readers harness their negative thoughts to discover all the good things God has for them.

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