In this follow-up to his debut sci-fiction novel, The Machine, Arthur Dunoon juxtaposes modern technology against the backdrop of a primitive society. Joshua has survived the Machine, but his apprehension grows regarding the tyranny of the government he serves. It is clear his mission goes deeper than he has been led to believe—how far does he dare to go to question it? Dunoon explores the purpose of religion in ancient times, and exposes the nature of evil in our midst. Humanity will become the father of many civilizations in the future. How can we avoid creating something monstrous through our own lack of understanding?


Why should one uplift another? 

What does each gain from the other? 

How does barter and knowledge flow? 

What makes civilization grow? 

How do masters impart learning? 

What keeps progress always churning? 

The ancient desert tells these truths. 

The evidence of distant roots 

Knowledge passed from the lesser gods 

To serve their interests far abroad 

To teach the civilizing skills 

And speed the structures nature builds 

Exchanged for metals, food, and more 

Explaining patterns to explore 

Ritual secrets serve their system 

Hiding sources of their wisdom 

Primitives when they first appear 

Umanu when awareness nears 

Self-sufficient before they leave 

Elohim’s tale—if you believe. 

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