The Machine

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Who will Joshua be when he finally exits The Machine? If he survives.

Confronting his greatest fear in the Machine, Joshua must transform himself, terraform a new world, and develop civilization, all while facing the Technician, a master of manipulation and destruction, who intervenes in Joshua’s world-building for his own purposes.

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Can you build the utopic dream?

Where there’s no hate nor tragedy

How do you keep that world serene?

Where all are fulfilled in their needs

What is lost and what do you find

In the refraction of your mind

What’s eternal, what is feeble?

Who decides what’s good or evil?

From all the horrors life has wrought

The timeless questions all have sought

Does God still hear me in the night?

Are we alone? Why do we fight?

How did we rise before the fall?

What is the purpose of it all?

The foundation for it all within

To prepare you as the end begins

With nothing greater to bestow

This humble tome is all I know

All my truth and all I’ve seen

-Survivor’s Guide to the Machine –

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3 reviews for The Machine

  1. ELF

    Thought provoking. The foresight of the author into what our societies are experiencing now, with covid19, the riots and political unrest is amazing. Challenging the reader to experience creation and devastation. Worth re-reading for deeper meaning.

  2. Kay

    Excellent book. Looking forward to the next adventure from this author.

  3. Kristin

    Absolutely riveting. A real page turner. I can not wait to dive into the next piece Arthur publishes. Can not recommend The Machine enough.

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