Two Rivers


Parson Allen Hartman leaves behind everything he holds dear to embark on a cross-country expedition to minister to the Indians in the Oregon Territory. But his journey is waylaid in Arapaho country, and Allen is asked to stay in the village of Two Rivers—who has been waiting for the White Falcon to show up and aid his people’s battle against a malevolent shaman. And even as Two Rivers teams up with White Falcon, Allen is enslaved in a cave and dependent on the prayers of Spirit-led believers for complete victory—or will something be left undone?

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In 1840 Pastor Allen Hartman leaves behind his white-steepled church in New York, and the woman he hopes to marry, to serve as a missionary to Indians in the Oregon Territory. On his epic westward journey, he is plunged into the dark end of spiritual warfare and vital intercession. His mettle is further tested when he’s asked to stay in a village of Arapaho already contending with a malevolent witch doctor—where Allen has to draw upon courage he didn’t know he possessed and discovers ministering to Indians is not at all what he imagined.

Arapaho medicine man Two Rivers knows one thing—the Great Spirit is sending White Falcon to help his people defeat the malicious spiritual forces determined to overpower the tribe. But even as White Falcon teams up with Two Rivers, Allen finds himself enslaved in a cave and in a heaven-meets-earth clash of faith with an evil sorcerer. With his life at stake and his new friends unable to help, will Spirit-led prayers of believers lead to a complete victory, or will something be left undone?

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