The Hermits and the Wells: A Color Story



Split splot, slish slosh. Piddle puddle, mix and muddle.

Day after humdrum day, three lonely hermits haul water from their wells through the dreary, gray landscape to their dreary gray homes. Then one day… “Ack! What’s this?” Their wells sloshed up . . . colors!

The hermits discover a colorful new landscape. Through splashy mixing with the three primary colors—blue, yellow, and red—the hermits create every color under the sun, from green to orange to the muddy brown of puddles. And the more they share their bright splots, the more they discover about themselves . . . and their world.

Children will love exploring color theory along with Lue, Ellow, and Ed and learning that sharing leads to the brightest and most beautiful discovery of all: friendship. An interactive guide to color theory and suggestions for fun activities accompany the story.

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