Pokie Petunia and the Problem of Peer Pressure


When the new kid at school tries to make friends with Sammy the Squirrel by offering him the answers to an upcoming test, Sammy’s friend Pokie Petunia steps in. She reminds Sammy that he doesn’t need to cheat to succeed, and she tells Eddie the Fox that he doesn’t need to be dishonest to make friends. 



Pokie Petunia and her friends are happy to welcome new classmate Eddie the Fox . . . until things start to disappear. When Eddie shows up at school the next day and offers Sammy the Squirrel the answers to the next math test, Petunia knows something has to be done. 

Petunia bravely confronts Eddie and Sammy. True friends don’t pressure someone into doing wrong, and Sammy doesn’t need to cheat to succeed. 

How will Eddie respond? Will Sammy take the cheat sheet? Come along with Pokie Petunia and learn how to handle The Problem of Peer Pressure. 

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