The Bracelet

The Bracelet


Sara is excited to start second grade, but her choices, like pushing Marcus off the swing set, don’t get her off on the right foot. And Goody Grace certainly doesn’t make things any better—at first. Soon, they have conversations about Grace’s bracelet and how the colored beads mean something special about knowing Jesus.

The interactive, realistic book The Bracelet offers a meaningful connection between children and matters of faith. For parents of young children and educators in both school and faith settings, this book brings the gospel alive in a simple, engaging way. Children will also be able to make their own bracelet to wear and share with others.



Sara is thrilled to begin second grade. She’s one of the bigger kids now and is looking forward to all the big-kid stuff she’ll get to do, like being the first one to be on the swing-set playground before the school day starts. She decides that Marcus, one of the littler kids in her class, doesn’t need to swing, so she pushes him off the swing. Marcus isn’t happy. Their classmate, Grace, gives up her swing so Marcus can enjoy  it too.

Immediately, Sara is jealous of how nice Grace is and is furious that Grace made her look like a bad person. Later, when Grace tries to reach out and be nice, Sara ignores Grace. But over the course of the week, Sara notices that everyone is curious about Grace’s colorful beaded bracelet. Soon, Grace’s stories about each bead intrigue Sara, and she gets close to the group to learn about the beads—and breaks the bracelet. To Sara’s surprise, Grace isn’t upset. She’s kind and loving and forgiving.

Why is Grace so nice when Sara has been so unkind and mean and jealous?

Throughout the story, young readers will learn powerful lessons of love, patience, and forgiveness from kids just like them. More importantly, they will learn about the meaning of salvation through Jesus Christ in a simple, realistic way that is engaging. With whimsical illustrations, this story includes instructions for children to make their own colorful salvation bracelets. A great book for parents of elementary-age children and Sunday School educators.

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