She Writes for Him: Black Voices of Wisdom

She Writes for Him: Black Voices of Wisdom


Twenty-one Black Christian women share their powerful life experiences with racism in this vital compilation that brings wisdom and new insight to the conversation on racial inequality and justice. Each story includes prayer and reflection and is a tool for building bridges of love and understanding.

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In these turbulent times when the ugly stain of racism is at the forefront of our society, bringing rampant division and mistrust, we desperately need ways to come together.

To build bridges of understanding between all in the body of Christ, we bring you twenty-three voices of Black Christian women, authors, ministers, educators, leaders, and mothers. Their powerful life experiences and heartfelt wisdom will shake you, open your eyes, and help you understand your sisters in Christ.

From the ways women of color are treated in our society, to raising Black daughters and sons, to how a Black woman can have a white supremacist attitude, to how to respond as Christ would have us, their stories will be a link in bridging the gap between us with love.


As a Christian, my response to all the tension, the polarization, and toxic environments currently unfolding in America is to consistently ask the Lord, “How can I best represent you?” . . . Change starts with you and includes repentance, listening, being willing to move out of your comfort zone, and having empathy for someone who doesn’t look like you.

—Mercy Lokulutu


May this powerful volume be a part of the bridge of love and understanding we need to walk across with our sisters.

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