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Grandchildren bring absolute joy, and your delightful role as a grandparent is simply to love and cherish them and to show them FUN! Roxy Wiley has been entertaining her grandkids for
fifteen years with her annual Camp Grandma—three to five days of activities, excitement, and adventures that have created irreplaceable memories for grandchildren and grandparents alike. In her book DIY Camp Grandma: A Handbook to Create an Extraordinary Experience for Grandchildren, Roxy shares tips, tools, and resources to help guide you through the process of launching your own camp and brand of family fun. With suggested ideas for themes, activities, crafts, surprises, recipes, and more, DIY Camp Grandma will inspire you to commence on this special undertaking to connect with your grandkids, establish deep and lasting bonds, and create a lifetime of memories


7 reviews for DIY Camp Grandma

  1. Lorna

    Planning my first Camp Nana was a snap! I love the blank writing spaces. There are so many tips, tools, and ideas…even a Zoom Camp!

  2. Sue Lindborg

    Excellent resource for Grandparents on how to create precious memories!

  3. Kelly

    If you love spending intentional time with your grandkids, this book is loaded with fun ideas for Grandma & Grandpa to invest in way to make treasured memories!

  4. Sally

    A friend gave me a copy, and I am now buying copies for other friends. The book is so well-organized and provides so many exciting ideas as well as excellent resources. I will have my grandkids for Spring Break in 2 months; I was going to “play it by ear”. Thanks to this great book, I will do a quick and simple version this year and then start planning for next year. I am so excited; many thanks Roxy for sharing with grandmas everywhere!!!!!!

  5. Lisa Whitaker

    I cannot wait to have my 1st Camp Nana! Roxy has made it so easy to plan & execute with her examples that begin with a theme & includes everything from food to serve, crafts & games & even ways to create excitement in your grandkids ahead of time. She has it all in there!

  6. Gerry W

    Having been part of all of the Camp Grandmas, it was just as much fun for this Grandpa. Great time with grandkids doing what only Grandpas can do. Don’t miss out on the fun.

  7. Jennifer Key

    This very well organized and insightful book is an excellent resource for providing fun detailed ideas for lasting memories with Grandchildren.

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