Pirate Flu (And What To Do)


The pirate crew has the Dread Pirate Flubut they’re afraid of going to the doctor. Can they overcome their fears to get healthy again—and end up with something even better than a treasure chestPirate Flu (and What to Do) teaches children that being brave means facing your fears even when you’re scared. 

“What’s this?” yells the captain to his sickly crew. 

“Oh, blimey! Could this be the Dread Pirate Flu?” 

“Let’s tie up the doc, swabbies! Time to jump ship! 

Let’s pull up the anchor! No shots in our hips!” 

“These shots will help make you a healthier crew. 

Deep breaths, take your shots, not another ahhh-choo!” 

“And did I not mention our gold treasure chest 

Of piratey trinkets and things you like best?” 

In hammocks they swing and divide up the chest. 

Being brave made them feel at their triple-dog best! 


Ah-choo! The pirate crew is down with the Dread Pirate Flu. Sent ashore to the doctor’s office, these stouthearted sailors tremble at the thought of shots, medicine, and saying “aahh. Can the kindly doctor and her no-nonsense nurse help them find ways to manage their fears and get healthy againBecause if they do, they’ll end up with something even better than a treasure chest! 

The humorous, rollicking rhymes of Pirate Flu (and What to Do) will delight and reassure children who feel anxious about trips to the doctorRecognizing themselves in this piratey band they will learn that being brave means facing your fears even when you’re scared. 

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