Pilgrims and Dwellers

Pilgrims and Dwellers


Twelve-year-old Abe is back with more questions and more time-traveling adventures with his guardian angel, Zag. This time they travel forward in time and see Jesus return for the believers. Their excitement turns to terror when they travel further and experience the chaos and frightening events of the last days.

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Do you wonder what the purpose of life is? Why does it always come down to good versus evil? What will happen in the “the last days” of this world? Abe’s next adventure answers those questions.

It’s been two months since Abe got back from his first adventure with his guardian angel, Zag. He has more questions, like, Why does Jesus have to come back to earth to save us again? Why will it get so bad in the last days? And what does rule and reign forever even mean?

On Abe’s first night alone in the fields with his father’s sheep, Zag shows up to take him on another adventure two thousand some years into the future. Their excitement turns to unbelief when they see how wicked the world has become. They travel further into time and see Jesus come back to save the believers. They go forward a few more years and witness the devastation and terror people will experience in the last days. Shock grips them when the world prepares to go to war against God. Abe and Zag don’t want to see it and decide to return to year 33, but their adventure into the future is far from over.


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