Karen Giesler

Karen Geisler developed a passion for the Old Testament in her mid-thirties and retired early to write A Story Forgotten… which is the story of the Old Testament in a form that would make it understandable and desirable to read by any age group. Years later she realized she knew a lot about the Bible but nothing about what Jesus went through on that cross. After a period of asking God to help her fully appreciate what Jesus experienced, a story line was gifted to her in prayer. The Plan became her second book, and it was truly an answer to those prayers.

Soon after, Karen began studying the book of Revelation, which she had avoided because it made her fearful. Again, after a period of seeking God to help her understand that fear, another story line was gifted to her. Pilgrims and Dwellers became her third book, a sequel to The Plan.

It is Karen’s hope that through her books, readers will learn to cherish the Old Testament, come to fully appreciate what Jesus experienced on the cross for us, and as pilgrims, come to share her burden for the dwellers of this world. Karen’s books—A Story Forgotten…, The Plan, and Pilgrims and Dwellers—are available through Redemption Press.

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