Foreign Rights Representation


Foreign Rights Representation


Redemption Press makes it possible for your message to travel the globe with our exclusive foreign rights representation. Our experienced and knowledgeable foreign rights partner will identify publishers, market, and negotiate foreign rights for your books. Books are vetted to ensure quality content is being represented, and the service includes advances and royalties management, and a higher royalty than the industry standard.

All titles already in print must have a minimum of 3.5 stars on Amazon. Those not yet in print may be required to cover the cost of a paid review of the content.


Give Your Message Wings

Want to get your book into foreign markets but don’t know how to go about it?

Redemption Press is now offering exclusive foreign rights representation to its authors and the Christian “indie” community. Publisher Athena Dean Holtz said, “Because we believe in publishing books that can compete with traditionally published books in every way, our books have the quality needed to attract global rights buyers.” In their new “Give Your Message Wings” service, the Marketing Department of Redemption Press works directly with their foreign rights agency partner to market and negotiate rights with publishers in more than 120 countries and 80 languages.

Since all Redemption Press authors control their foreign language / translation rights they are free to license them to any publisher.  The benefit of having a publisher such as Redemption handle this is the 25 + years of experience their foreign rights partner brings in negotiating rights contracts with publishers across the globe, their intimate knowledge of the markets, and solid relationships with reputable traditional publishers in each foreign market.  Plus, Redemption Press helps to collect and distribute all royalties and advances back to its authors.

Author earns 60% of all advances and royalties generated from sales of the translation rights.



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