Line Editing (Substantive)


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This is an optional service for which the content coach will offer a sample to the client.

After the content is revised, the editor will go through the manuscript page by page to improve the book’s overall composition, as well as technical and stylistic elements. Line editing will include minimal rewriting (no new content additions) to focus or clarify ideas and will provide chapter, paragraph, or sentence restructuring as needed for clarity and concision, checking for and replacing or removing redundancies and amending paragraph lengths, as necessary. The line editor may query the author if additional information is needed to clarify content.

Some of the common mistakes line editors will correct include:
• Overuse of exclamation marks, italics, boldface type or capitalization
• Overlong sentences and paragraphs
• Clichés
• Narrative point-of-view errors
• Usage of unnecessary modifiers, such as possibly, simply, really, totally, very and quite, etc.

This service is based on the word count. .05 per word.


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