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Marketing Copy Package


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What is a Marketing Copy Package?

A Marketing Copy Package consists of six elements, each designed to attract potential readers and convert them into book buyers. They are:

Back Cover Copy

Sometimes called a “blurb” this is what appears on the back of your book. Back cover copy consists of around 250 words and is intended not only to inform potential readers of the book’s subject matter but to draw them into the story by making them want to know more.

Author Bio

An author bio explains who the author is, why they are qualified to write on the subject and often provides an interesting tidbit or two about the author’s life, all in roughly 50 words. It generally appears beneath the back cover copy and also on the press release.

Website Book Description

A website book description is a one or two sentence summary of the book and appears on retail websites as the first details a potential reader sees. Its purpose is to provide a quick glimpse into the book’s subject matter.

Pull Quotes

Pull quotes are “soundbite” quotes taken directly from the book. Identified and collected to showcase some of an author’s best writing passages or most poignant points, they often appear on promotional graphics and in reviews and articles about the book.

SEO Terminology

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Terminology is a collection of keywords and phrases that apply to the content and audience of your book. These terms will be attached to your book’s listing, aiding search engines to connect a reader’s internet search of related terminology to your book’s title, making your book more visible to readers in your specific target audience.

Press Release

A press release combines several elements from the Marketing Copy Package and reframes them into a cohesive, media-ready announcement to promote a book’s release. The press release also directs its recipients to the author’s social media outlets and provides contact information and instructions for obtaining advance reader copies (ARCs) of the book for promotion or review.

Once a Redemption Press author receives his or her initial Marketing Copy Package, they will review and request changes, if necessary. It is our goal to ensure all Redemption Press Marketing Copy Packages exceed authors’ expectations and become powerful tools to attract readers to their book.



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