Children’s Picture Book Editing


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Your editor will gently guide you through comments and suggestions on every element of your picture book, as their experience leads. The editorial note to the author will include any developmental concerns, including a discussion of the illustrations and their placement with the wording if illustrations have been provided, as well as an assessment of the following elements:

  • A memorable, snappy title
  • A theme which resonates with the concerns of the age group for which the book is written.
  • Lovable, identifiable characters.
  • A cohesive, progressive plot throughout the book.
  • A setting to draw in the reader and the child to whom she reads.
  • Audience/voice: Understanding that the book is written for both the adult reader and the child to whom he reads. Emotion, rhythm, sensory information and all the best elements of fiction are at play here with a special understanding of the spoken word.
  • Illustrations and verbiage tie in together, not redundantly, but collaboratively.
  • Physical structure: Standard thirty-two-page book including all front and back matter.
  • The end: Matches the tone of the rest of the book as the story comes full circle.
  • Spiritual Message: Is there a biblical or spiritual takeaway for the reader and the child?


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