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Faith on Fire The first woman in the Dallas Fire Department, Sherrie’s true stories are entertaining, shocking, and faith building. Determined to reach her goal of retirement with a full pension, Sherrie tells what it was like to be the first-and only woman-in a profession previously reserved exclusively for men. Told with raw emotion, Sherrie…

New Releases

Incredible Life Makeover: Step-by-Step Transformation to Wholeness In her debut volume, Incredible Life Makeover, author and speaker Julie Court outlines step-by-step strategies for improving and rebuilding one or many of life after a major setback. Each chapter covers a phase of transformation and includes practical how-to examples with inspiring quotes and personal stories. This interactive…

Redemption Press New Releases

Beyond Second Chances – Heartbreak to Joy A woman who knows grief and loss after the death of her second husband, is jilted just before an ill-advised remarriage, yet retains her trust in a loving God. Shirley Quiring Mozena leans on her relationship with her faithful God while experiencing the pangs of loneliness and regret.…

Redemption Press New Releases

GPS-23: God’s Pathway for Survival – Psalm 23 Psalm 23, the exquisite representation of a shepherd’s love and care for his sheep, clearly symbolizes the Lord’s tender love and care for each one of us. Accordingly, GPS-23 is an enthusiastic examination of the relationship between the Great Shepherd and we, his sheep. Using many versions…

If you are breathing, you’ve got influence.

If you are breathing, you’ve got influence. Well-known speaker and author Bill Butterworth uses humorous, honest, and heart-warming stories of influencers in his own life to show how everyday words and actions can have a deep and lasting impact on others. He says, “Influence arrives in the simplest of ways.” *A typewriter and a dad’s…

Gospel Music: The Sound of Hope

Gospel Music: The Sound of Hope A chronological overview of a unique form of musical expression, Gospel Music: The Sound of Hope highlights influential individuals and pivotal events that created, developed, and sustained the gospel music genre. Thoughtfully constructed and expressed, the book gives a general outline of the black experience and examines the importance…

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I've been around Christian publishing since 1987 when I helped our ministry self-publish an important resource for Vietnam veterans and their families. That book went on to be picked up by a royalty publisher and has since sold over 250,000 copies with a million in print.

I'm glad you're here…stop by often and take advantage of all the information we make available.

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Unplanned Movie Healing Devotional


Filled with moments for reflection and personal stories from those who have experienced their own journeys of trauma and redemption, this interactive devotional invites readers to begin healing from the pain of post-abortion trauma to freedom and wholeness.

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