Faith on Fire

The first woman in the Dallas Fire Department, Sherrie’s true stories are entertaining, shocking, and faith building. Determined to reach her goal of retirement with a full pension, Sherrie tells what it was like to be the first-and only woman-in a profession previously reserved exclusively for men. Told with raw emotion, Sherrie will open your eyes and your heart to the reality of pioneering the way for other women to serve in similar “man-worthy” jobs. Her lighthearted manner belies the “fire in the belly” perseverance required just to show up to work. Truly her character as well as her faith were on the line with her life every time the bell rang. Even more so, her faith and character were developed and tried through the unseen fire between bells in a firehouse filled with men eager to discourage her at every turn.

How to Survive Your Hospital Stay: Strategies to Protect Against Preventable Complications

Yes, specific survival skills may be necessary for a successful hospital stay. Many hospitals are crowded, understaffed, and sometimes impersonal; the hospital staff perhaps overworked and untrained in some aspects of patient care. Mistakes happen that can be devastating to patients and their families. Herein are ways that the patient or family member can partner with the hospital staff to achieve optimal outcomes. Specific ideas and worksheets are provided so that medications, procedures, and doctor’s orders can be tracked. Dr. Rebecca Ford’s insider knowledge from thirty-plus years of experience with hospital practices and procedures provide information vital for every patient.

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