Gospel Music: The Sound of Hope

A chronological overview of a unique form of musical expression, Gospel Music: The Sound of Hope highlights influential individuals and pivotal events that created, developed, and sustained the gospel music genre. Thoughtfully constructed and expressed, the book gives a general outline of the black experience and examines the importance and impact of gospel music around the world. This study of the genre prior to and during the transatlantic slave trade, to its progression during the civil rights era, and on to the present day is told via extensive research and examples of representative lyrics and musical scores.

The Orphan Syndrome

A counselor outlines the symptoms of a wounded orphan spirit vs. a healthy spirit and how an orphan spirit affects our relationships and ability to receive love. From alienation, disconnection, restlessness, to an inability to sense God’s love, the syndrome is characterized by the lie that says, “You’re on your own.” Nick Eno provides dynamic, real-life examples of individuals who have struggled with this syndrome, and those who have been healed and transformed by the love of God. How to break free from the bondage of the orphan syndrome to finding your home in God as his son or daughter. #orphansyndrome

God Time: Your First 31 Days

What if the prayer you prayed was only the beginning? Out of Brian Wangler’s experience in leading churches with many new believers, came a strong desire to help them grow. This 31-day devotional is designed to introduce new Christians to the habit of having God moments outside church. Each day’s reading deepens understanding of God, prayer, and the basics of the Christian life in an engaging and non-preachy style.

Resources to inspire, equip and encourage. (1 Thessalonians 5:11)

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