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If you are breathing, you’ve got influence.

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If you are breathing, you’ve got influence.

Well-known speaker and author Bill Butterworth uses humorous, honest, and heart-warming stories of influencers in his own life to show how everyday words and actions can have a deep and lasting impact on others. He says, “Influence arrives in the simplest of ways.”

*A typewriter and a dad’s comment form a young boy’s future.
*A music teacher uses the power of validation to encourage an awkward fourth grader.
*A youth leader’s affirmation and involvement changes a life direction.
*A struggling young man discovers his niche based on the way God wired him.
*A discouraged father finds it’s never too late to influence his family.

Who is your life influencing?

We’re all influencing, one way or another. Take time to interact, learn the power of words, and focus on everyday actions and interactions to help you become a person of influence.

Bill Butterworth is an author and top-rated speaker awarded the Hal Holbrook Award by the International Platform Association. A college instructor for thirteen years, and a counselor for six, he is the author of over a dozen books, has ghostwritten several dozen more, and is president of the Bill Butterworth Company, training others to share their stories, find their speaking voice and raise their speaking ability to the next level.

Protecting the environment and the earth is a noble effort, right?

This carefully researched book chronicles the history of the environmental movement, its creators, and their goals.

The author takes us back decades to the origins of environmentalism, providing facts about its development over the years and its plans for the future.

Whether you’re passionate about the saving the environment or you are a bit skeptical and want more information, this informative book is for you.

“The green movement is the ultimate expression of worshipping the creation rather than the creator. Sheila unmasks the true supernatural manifesting arm of evil as she exposes this crusade and its deeply dangerous harvest.” -Stephen Quayle, author of Xenogenesis

“Gaia worship is at the very heart of today’s green movement. This religious movement, with cult-like qualities, is being promoted by leading figures and organizations proclaiming the deity of Earth and blames the falling away from this Pagan God on the environmentally unfriendly followers of Jesus Christ. Sheila’s book could not be timelier.” – Dr. Tom Horn, author of Petrus Romanus

Sheila Zilinsky, a former government executive, is an internationally recognized radio host, author, and minister. Her radio broadcast ministry reaches the four corners of the globe. She examines news and world events from a biblical worldview. She was touted by Vancouver media as “the only woman in talk radio with a titanium spine and a heart of gold.”

​From the Pit to the Pulpit

 The Revved Life is a story of struggle, breakthrough, faith, and God’s provision and promises. It is a journey that has taken a lifetime to travel. It is beautifully raw and inspiring and speaks to the leader and Christian inside each of us. Jeff Knight reveals the challenges he has had to face through tragedy and from atop the mountain. Why would anyone leave the safety of his church and pulpit to reach those who are far from God? Knight answers this question and leaves the reader saying, “Yes, that’s the life I want to lead, The Revved Life!”

“Eye-opening. Inspirational. We are in for a life-changing ride. Highly recommended!” – K. Kallenbach
Jeff Knight and his wife, Melinda, are the lead pastors of The Rock Church, in Monroe, Washington. But pastoral ministry is Jeff’s day job. His other job and passion in life is NASCAR racing. Jeff and Melinda became lead pastors of The Rock Church in 2000, when his parents Joe and Linda Knight were tragically killed in a plane crash while returning from a missionary trip to Mexico.

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