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Incredible Life Makeover: Step-by-Step Transformation to Wholeness

In her debut volume, Incredible Life Makeover, author and speaker Julie Court outlines step-by-step strategies for improving and rebuilding one or many of life after a major setback. Each chapter covers a phase of transformation and includes practical how-to examples with inspiring quotes and personal stories. This interactive journey provides key life skills that you’ll refer to again and again!

The Feasts of Israel: God’s Plan of the Ages – Volume 1

According to author Paul Lindberg, in the Dark Ages, the church became virulently anti-Semetic. They ‘lost the picture’ of God’s Plan of the Ages, which is nowhere portrayed more clearly than in the Feasts of Israel. The result was a twisted view of the Bible and a misconception of God and His precious promises. The Reformation restored some of what was lost. The Great Awakenings and Pentecostal Revivals restored more. In The Feasts of Israel, Paul hopes to restore the rest and to present the Old Covenant in all its purity as the foundation for the New.

I Wonder

Do you ever wonder? If sheep knit woolen socks or if llamas dance on mountain rocks? From a prolific storyteller and puppeteer comes a story that is sure to tickle readers’ funny bones. Young readers giggle and grin as they imagine their favorite animals doing all kinds of silly things-such as skunks flying kites at sunset! Filled with rhyming words and whimsical, colorful illustrations, “I Wonder” will delight both beginning readers and younger children at story time-and open their worlds to the joys and possibilities of wonder. Ages 2-6

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