Chemicals and Christians: Compassion and Caution


Are you suffering from reactions to toxic chemicals without knowing it? Commonly used products may harm you and those around you in surprising and profound ways. This groundbreaking book will help you identify and deal with toxic illness in yourself and others. Loaded with valuable information, experienced counsel, and personal testimony, it provides practical resources and key steps for victory.



“Just because you’re set apart doesn’t mean you’re set aside.”

Martha McLaughlin and her husband served as international missionaries for 10 years, ministering in a variety of ways, including helping to identify unreached people groups. When her physical breakdown forced them to return to the USA, she feared it was the end of her missionary journey. But instead, God told her, “Just because you’re set apart doesn’t mean you’re set aside.”

Today Martha feels called to try to help a different kind of unreached people group: the isolated sufferers of toxic illness, a growing but largely invisible population. Yet, like the canaries once used in coal mines to detect poisonous gases, they are a wake-up call to the effects of the thousands of chemicals used daily in our modern society.

Expertly researched and written, Chemicals and Christians: Compassion and Caution is loaded with valuable information and biblical counsel for hope and avoiding harm in our increasingly chemicalized environment. It provides steps for biblical health management, offers practical resources, and shows Christians ways to help.

“Using safe approaches regarding chemicals is not only Christian but is also good sense.” —Dr. Grace Ziem, MD, MPH Johns Hopkins, MSc and DRPH Harvard.

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