Chemicals and Christians: Compassion and Caution

Chemicals and Christians: Compassion and Caution

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Are you suffering from reactions to toxic chemicals without knowing it? Commonly used products may harm you and those around you in surprising and profound ways. This groundbreaking book will help you identify and deal with toxic illness in yourself and others. Loaded with valuable information, experienced counsel, and personal testimony, it provides practical resources and key steps for victory.


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How many chemicals have you put in, on, or around your body today? How many have been used in your home, church, school, or workplace? Do you know how they’re affecting you? Do you know their potential impact on others?

Commonly used products may be harming you in surprising ways and keeping a large and growing number of people out of church. Seemingly small decisions about the use of consumer goods can profoundly influence physical, emotional, and spiritual health. Efforts to create a positive environment within a home or organization are incomplete without focusing on air quality, which affects everything that happens inside a building and to the people who enter it.

Chemicals and Christians will help you understand the risks of everyday toxins, learn how to protect yourself, and determine how to make public and private spaces more accessible and healthy for all. The message in two words is this: Take care. Take care not to let everyday chemicals harm you and take care of those who’ve already developed Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) or another illness associated with toxic exposure. Packed with information, biblical counsel, and personal testimony, the book offers both practical and spiritual help.

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“I think that everyone should have a copy of this book.” – Texas Book-aholic

“This book should be read by every Christian.” – Truth and Grace Homeschool Academy

“I think every pastor and church leader and school leader should read this book.” – Library Lady’s Kid Lit

“This book is a book that we all need to read.” – Debbie’s Dusty Deliberations

“I wish everyone could read this book.” – Splashes of Joy

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1 review for Chemicals and Christians: Compassion and Caution

  1. Linda Baker

    Martha’s book masterfully blends information regarding chemical hazards commonly encountered in our everyday life with real-life solutions to reducing our exposures to these toxins. Presented in a factual, easy-to-read style, this book would be a helpful guide not only to anyone in charge of building maintenance, but also to individuals seeking to make their own home as healthy as possible.

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