When God Changed His Mind

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When God Changed His Mind

When Christina Custodio dropped her thirteen-year-old son, Isaiah, off at football practice one September evening, she had no idea her world was about to be turned upside down. Just a few hours later, she found herself standing by Isaiah’s bedside in a hospital. He had suffered an aneurysm, needed emergency brain surgery—and doctors weren’t sure if he would survive. Amid her worst nightmare, Christina chose to trust God and look for the good he was doing among other patients and their families, hospital staff, and even those reading about Isaiah’s story. Through her journey, she found joy even in her darkest moments and in unexpected ways that only God could have orchestrated. When God Changed His Mind is a story of faith amid crisis, of joy and hope. It’s a tender reminder that even through heartache and suffering, God is still there—and he will use everything for good!


“Isaiah! Isaiah! Get up, son! Isaiah! You have to get up! Get off the floor! I can’t stop!”

I reached one hand behind me and shook him the best I could while driving. My heart pounded, and my body shook. What could be so that wrong he can’t control his body?

Things go downhill quickly after Christina Custodio picks up her thirteen-year-old son early from football practice due to a headache. By the time she arrives, he has little control of his body and quickly becomes unresponsive. Soon, he is rushed into surgery, his brain filled with blood from a severe brain hemorrhage.

From the time he was born, Christina had always felt Isaiah would die young. Though a typical boy with no health issues, the thought always lingered. Now Christina begs God to change His mind and save her son’s life.

When God Changed His Mind chronicles Christina’s inspiring and emotional story of trusting God through the unknown, peace among the chaos, and joy in the midst of sorrow. Grateful that Isaiah survives but unsure he will ever recover his speech and mobility, Christina shares of her dependence on God during the ups and downs of their journey, the power of prayer, and her determination to use challenges and struggles for His glory.


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7 reviews for When God Changed His Mind

  1. Jade C. (verified owner)

    A beautifully written story of unwavering faith in life-altering circumstances. Christina’s raw honesty brought tears to my eyes in some moments and her sense of humor made me laugh out loud in others. She and her son, Isaiah, reminds the reader that God is bigger than our earthly situations and He is the provider of all we need to continue pressing on. It’s a truly inspirational read and one I would definitely recommend!

  2. BJ Garrett

    There is so much heart in this book. Once you start it you cannot put it down. You will cry, you will laugh and you will be amazed at the power and grace of God in Isaiah’s life. His mother (the author) tells this story so beautifully you can feel her fear, and her faith simultaneously.

  3. Cindy

    This is such a great book! What Christina’s son, Isaiah, Christina, and her family went through! I laughed. I cried, a lot. I was inspired. God strengthened Isaiah, Christina, and her family because of what they went through. Their faith became stronger. The book is inspiring and powerful. It was hard to put down!

  4. Kelly Thomas

    This is one of those books that I didn’t want to put down! This compelling story, written from a Mother’s heart, is one that will have you feeling one minute, the heartache and pain that Christina and her family go through in this unexpected journey with Isaiah, and the next laughing out loud. Each chapter is written by a Mother, who not only shares with us her unconditional love for her son, but also by a Mother who puts her faith, her trust, and her son’s life in the hands of her Heavenly Father. Christina’s unwavering love for her Lord is evident in each and every word she has written. A must read!

  5. Elijah Sanchez

    This was emotionally riveting on all facets!! Every chapter will have you clinging at your heart strings. Isaiah’s character will shine, particularly in chapter 4. He is kind, gentle, and although there are struggles that will be highlighted God’s Grace shines bright. It is an easy read. Don’t be fooled by the seriousness of the situation because it also has some of the most funny “human” moments. I absolutely will recommend this book!!

  6. Sue A. Ugenti (verified owner)

    Reading #whengodchangedhismind as Christina Custodio, Author & Speaker shares her families journey after her son Isaiah experienced a brain bleed and almost died. Her writing is honest and raw and hopeful all at the same time. She shares the roller-coaster ride with the readers after her son was rushed to the hospital and she and her family are surrounded by family, friend and God’s love. The recovery and healing process are filled with Isaiah determination, (and frustrations) as he works to gain back his abilities. Get your copy now and enjoy this read… you may need a tissue in a few places (especially if you are a parent) and you will laugh out loud in others.

  7. Rhonda Cravins

    I loved this book! It was incredible to see God work through Isaiah’s journey through the eyes of his mother, and be reminded of how God can work through my own life as well. It is easy to read, but you may need some tissues nearby. I laughed and cried, and really enjoyed reading this book!

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