Weatherproof Your Home…Against the Storms of Life

Weatherproof Your Home…Against the Storms of Life

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Deeply rooted in every woman’s heart is the longing for family stability. But wanting it and having it are two different things. Many women have unresolved issues from their past that contribute to…

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Deeply rooted in every woman’s heart is the longing for family stability. But wanting it and having it are two different things. Many women have unresolved issues from their past that contribute to the dysfunction in their homes today. If you believe this statement may apply to you, proven solutions based on God’s Word await you in this book. In Weatherproof Your Home . . . Against the Storms of Life, Donna Best presents biblical principles which will free you from self-defeating attitudes and behaviors and set you on a course that can positively affect your family for generations to come. Using intimate examples of failure and redemption in her own life, Donna will lead you through a clearly defined process of restoration to help you become a catalyst for healing in your family.

“Delightful, deep, and ideal for personal or group study, Donna’s book leads us to radical realizations, gut-honest repentance, and renewal through spiritual refreshment.” -Marnie Swedberg, Mentor to Women’s Ministry Leaders via

“My childhood sexual abuse led to promiscuity, abortion, drug and alcohol addictions, and depression. I attended my first Weatherproof class when I was 41 years old. I quit after a few lessons because Donna was hitting too close to home, but I eventually completed the course five times. Today, I am free, loving my husband, and living to glorify Jesus Christ.” -Jody Eldridge, Zelienople, PA

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3 reviews for Weatherproof Your Home…Against the Storms of Life

  1. Archive Review

    October 20, 2014 – 6:59pm 5

    This book is marvelously written! Honestly, the Biblical principles hit home with me and changed my thoughts on marriage and family forever. I have used and will continue to use this book for women’s group studies. Donna is so transparent about her own shortcomings and failures that it makes it so relatable! She uses humor and analogies that are so easy to understand and visualize. The most important thing is, she uses Scriptures to back it all up; this book is based on the real Truth of the Word of God, not just her opinions. Throughout, she never let me forget that this was about God, His work and His ways, not hers. He simply used her to tell the rest of us.

    What’s so remarkable about the content of this book is that she doesn’t just hope the reader absorbs the message, she CHALLENGES the reader to take action in order to make real, lasting changes in their life, thus living out the message of the book. She makes it clear that this is no cake walk, it will take a conscious decision to improve. To me, that was so moving because it made me realize that I was as victorious as I wanted to be–whatever effort I put into the process was directly related to the changes that occurred and the blessings I received because of my efforts. The reflection questions caused me to HAVE to confront my own failures and sinfulness as well as be honest with myself in order for me to be healed and receive peace. It was hard at times, but applying these principles is SO DOABLE AND SO WORTH IT!!

    I applied the principles to my marriage and can tell you that it unequivocally changed our relationship for the better. Relationships with other family members have been healed as well because I have chosen to forgive. Thank you, Donna, for taking the time to write this book. I’m sure it was a labor of love and I’m so glad you followed God’s prompting to do it. I pray many, many women will use this book as a tool in order to bring healing to their families.

  2. Sue

    Donna is an amazing teacher! She allows God to speak through her in the most genuine way! I took her class 3 times because it was so good. I grew spiritually more and more every time. She combines personal experiences and biblical principles and makes you feel you are not alone with your life situations and that you can conquer anything with God.
    I truly recommend any and everyone to take this course at least once. It changed my life, literally!! I remember leaving her class one day. Sitting in my car, absorbing her teachings and heard God say to me “Let Go and Let God”. It changed my life. I heard that phrase before but never truly felt it until Donna.

  3. Cindy R.

    The author was my first Bible study leader when I was in my 20’s. Donna and I became friends as did our families. I know portions of her journey first hand that lead to this anointed book. Distance separated us for a long time, but I can attest to the struggles and ultimate victory that Godly obedience, perseverance, and submission produced in this marriage. When I heard Donna’s story and how God gave her the book during the weakest, most defeated time of her life, I bought it and was amazed at the spiritual insights He showed her and the level of spiritual maturity it wrought. I brought the book to my women’s Bible study, composed of married women and single women. It is so thought-provoking, convicting, and jam packed with spiritual truths about ourselves and what baggage we bring to our relationships, that we spent more that 6 months on the first half of the book! Sometimes we only got one or two paragraphs unpacked in a 90 minute timeframe. The second half of the book gives equally in depth Biblical instruction on the marriage relationship as God intended. This book is an essential for young or older, unmarried women, women who have experienced failed marriages, and all couples whether their marriage is thriving or striving. I would not limit this book to women either – the baggage described in the first half is not exclusive to the female gender and the book has a lot to say about God’s ordained role for husbands and the blessings they bring when they are obedient to it. Donna is an excellent speaker and is also available to hold seminars on it, which I have participated in, but make sure you READ THE BOOK!!!

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