Surrendered Hearts: An Adoption Story of Love, Loss, and Learning to Trust

Surrendered Hearts: An Adoption Story of Love, Loss, and Learning to Trust

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In this true story of learning what trust means, Lori and Bryan Schumaker had to learn how to put their faith entirely in God as they went through a complicated process of adoption. Even though the adoption process gave them great challenges, they knew that the Lord would make a way.

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A lifetime of knowing. Decades of praying. Years of paperwork, research, and planning. Lots of tears. And the growing of faith in the waiting.

One look into a pair of sparkling brown eyes, and Lori and Bryan Schumaker fell head-over-heels in love with a beautiful young girl in Bulgaria. Certain this was the child God intended for them, they stepped confidently into the adoption process they’d been preparing for. They thought they knew what to expect, and they did-but there was so much more.

The application process moved smoothly ahead, and they began making plans for their daughter-only to be informed she’d been adopted by a family in Italy. Heartbroken, they struggled to move on, until, through a series of incredible events, they learned their daughter still languished in her Bulgarian orphanage. Turning heaven and earth, the Schumakers started over. Mix-ups, red tape, inexplicable delays, and a difficult judge threatened the adoption, but they were determined to bring their child home.

In a true story of learning that trust means surrendering your version of how the story should unfold, Lori and Bryan finally let go-of their dream, of their daughter, of their fears and frustrations. And in that relinquishment, God began to move.

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9 reviews for Surrendered Hearts: An Adoption Story of Love, Loss, and Learning to Trust

  1. Carol

    Surrendered Hearts is a heartwarming true story of a family learning that trust means surrendering their version of how the story should unfold and as they open up their hearts to God’s way a miraculous story unfolds.

    I loved the author’s heart and I was surprised and impressed at how the story of adopting her little girl drew me in. She tells her story, one that wasn’t smooth by any means, and it kept me in suspense as I flipped through the pages. Her mama’s heart encourages us to be open to the message that God has for us, to trust, surrender, and then watch His hands at work.

    This is a must read for anyone contemplating adoption or anyone who knows someone who is adopting.

  2. Deb Wolf

    This is a book about Faith, Hope, and Really Big Love!

    Lori’s book grabbed my heart right away from the moment I heard about it and it truly did not disappoint. It’s more than an adoption story, although as an adoptive parent, I loved reading about the Schumaker’s journey to make Selah part of their family. Lori’s message is one of trusting God with big dreams and that a big part of trusting Him is found in surrendering everything to Him even when it doesn’t make sense. This book is beautifully written and it will both bless and inspire you.

  3. Laura Rath

    I’m not an adoptive parent, but I know how hard it can be to trust God with everything you have, including your child. Lori’s transparent story of love, trust, and patience isn’t just for adoptive families…it’s for everyone.

  4. Rachel

    Sometimes the plans we make are interrupted by the plans of God! The question is, are we willing to surrender our expectations, and embrace the journey He has for us instead? We can rest assured that His ways are always best, and will always bring about the greatest blessing, but learning to walk that out in the moment, requires a surrendered heart, and a faith-filled trust in the One who holds our dreams in the palms of His hands.
    Lori’s story of adoption is a beautiful depiction of the Father’s great love for us! Oh what love it is!

  5. LindseyJoyZ

    Surrendered Hearts is a beautiful story of adoption, but much more than that, it’s an incredible testament to God’s faithfulness and power. This book is hard to put down as each page draws you deeper and deeper into a story of hope, disappointment, surrender, trust, and finally miraculous interventions that can only be explained as GOD. Whether you are an adoptive parent, a hopeful adoptive parent, or close to adoptive families, this book will touch you deeply. Even if you have no connection to adoption at all, there is so much value to be found within the pages of this book. Learning to live a life of trust and complete surrender to God is essential to being fully used in whatever God has called you to and this story is a powerful example of how that can look in just one situation. As a prospective adoptive parent in the stages of being matched with a child, this brought such encouragement and hope while we wait for our child to be “revealed” and come safely to their “forever home.” I highly recommend this incredible book!

  6. Denise Renae

    The faith this woman had during this adoption journey has incredibly inspired me! The story is beautiful and like everyone else said, I couldn’t put it down. With her real ness and vulnerability, it will draw any reader in. And if you’re going through an adoption right now, you absolutely must read this book!

  7. Beth

    As I began to read this book, I was quickly pulled in by my heartstrings as Lori detailed the feelings and events of her and her husband’s adoption journey. Part of what was so compelling and intriguing for me were the many twists and turns they encountered all along the way. It became abundantly clear that God was at work to not only prepare them for their adopted daughter’s arrival, but to deepen their family’s faith as well. This book left me deeply moved, as well as inspiring me to trust God more. If you are considering adoption, this book will serve to inform you, since it never sugar-coats the challenges of this effort. If you’ve already adopted, you’ll be encouraged and certainly resonate with the ups and downs of their experiences. If you aren’t interested in adoption but want an inspiring read, this book fits that bill as well!

  8. Sandy Finelli

    Lori does an amazing job sharing her journey through the adoption process. She is truly an example of someone surrendering and trusting God fully.

  9. Emily M Wood

    Surrendered Hearts by Lori Schumaker is such a captivating story!!! As I read Lori’s journey of adoption, I couldn’t put the book down. I HAD to see how God was going to work everything out! (I actually read the book in one day!) I loved Lori’s transparency of the highs and the lows of the adoption process. I highly recommend this book to anyone who is on the adoption journey; considering adoption; or simply walking alongside of an adopting family. But I would also recommend this book to anyone who is just on a tough road waiting for God to come through! This book will give you the hope and the encouragement you need to keep going and to continue clinging to God’s faithfulness!!

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