Reckless Yes: Exchanging Worldly Ease for God’s Eternal Adventure


Johnna Hensley, mother of six, built by biology and adoption, shares the lessons God has taught her in difficult circumstances, interspersing her family’s story with relevant teaching on God’s faithfulness. God used the gift of her son’s life, with his chronic health challenges and hospital stays, to deepen her trust in Him and solidify her hope in heaven. Using her family’s unique life to point others to Jesus, she challenges believers to stop living for the temporal and set their eyes on eternity by saying “yes” to the exciting things to which God calls them 


What kind of Reckless Yes would you embrace if you knew for certain your yes could change the eternal destiny of people all around you? We’re all on the brink of eternity—what are you waiting for? 

Humans live an average of 26,703 days on planet earth, but we will live an infinite number of days in our chosen eternal destination. Many of our earthly days are marked with the ups and downs of joy and pain, sometimes leaving us to wonder if there could be purpose in our hardships. 

After a shocking diagnosis in 2007 sent her life in an unexpected direction, Johnna Hensley had a decision to make. Though she had walked with God for nearly two decades, she had to choose whether she would follow His leading on a strenuous journey to find the narrow gate that leads to eternal life; or would she take the easy, wide path offered by the temporal world? As she chose to say yes to selfless love, through God’s guidance, she discovered this was the first of many forks in life’s road that would ultimately lead her to a life full of adventure, surprises, and sometimes, even hardships. 

Inspiring and encouraging, this true story of one family’s journey is intertwined with relevant teaching of who God is and why we can trust Him in the midst of life’s chaos. Through relatable storytelling, wit, and wisdom, readers will be challenged to shift their perspective toward God’s eternal adventure. 

In Reckless Yes, Johnna brilliantly weaves together biblical examples with a recounting of her own life. Her masterful storytelling serves as a gentle reminder of the beauty that unfolds through even the darkest of days when we boldly acquiesce to a life lived at the feet of Jesus. 

 —Erin Cuccio, author of Unraveled and podcast host of Room for Lovely  

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