No Tears for Dad: My Path to Forgiveness

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No Tears for Dad: My Path to Forgiveness is Pete Cruz’s raw and sensitive memoir through the abyss of acute depression, PTSD, anger mismanagement, and fears of failure and abandonmentand how his daughter’s honesty charted him on the path toward personal healing, forgiveness, and a relationship with Christ. 


“Pete Cruz has a powerful gift of being able to touch hearts with his writing. And it is a gift—it’s not something anyone can teach.”  

—Cecil Murphey, author of The God Who Pursues 

Pete Cruz lives a successful life—on the outside. But no one knows that his childhood haunts and torments him on the inside. 

Three belts hang on nails inside his dad’s closet. Demeaning, angry words usher Pete through his childhood. Eventually the physical scars heal, but the mental wounds fester. Pete careens into adulthood, simply getting by, all while living with acute depression, PTSD, anger mismanagement, chronic pain, and fears of failure and abandonment. 

When his daughter, Natalia, is born, Pete determines to give her the life he never had, providing for her, attending school events, and never raising a hand to her. However, she grows up with a father who is angry and critical. But when his daughter says that whatever she does isn’t “good enough,” those words strike him in the heart. 

No Tears for Dad: My Path to Forgiveness is Pete’s sensitive and raw memoir of recovery from childhood trauma—thanks to the pursuit of his heavenly Father.  For readers trying to move toward healing or who have paved their own recoveries, this book is for you.  

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1 review for No Tears for Dad: My Path to Forgiveness

  1. Caroline Nielsen

    I could not put it down. I read it in one day and another friend did also. It is painful to read but you know it is real. I have read two other books about terrible childhoods but this paints the harshest picture, because there is no love.

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