The Million Mile Journey of Chang Min Yi

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Surrounded by the moral relativity of American society…how does an idealistic young Communist find his way?

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Surrounded by the moral relativity of American society…how does an idealistic young Communist find his way?

China’s ruling party has begun opening up and has sent some of its brightest youth to study in America. Chang Min Yi, an idealistic Communist, has come to Boston University to earn a doctorate in economics, thinking to defeat his decadent western economic rival in his own marketplace. But America doesn’t conform to his preconceived notions. Strangest of all are the Christians and the unusual faith that guides their lives. The Million Mile Journey of Chang Min Yi tells of the spiritual journey of a sincere young man who wasn’t even searching for the answers to life’s most important questions. But then God called him…long distance.

David Gray’s own spiritual journey began during his years of military service in Vietnam. Since that time, he has served his own church as a teacher of children, youth, and adults, and for the last decade, he has coordinated his church’s outreach to the elderly. His varied writing is a forty-five-year collection of correspondence, poetry, Bible studies, and the curriculum for a drug and alcohol program that he conducted for eight years. He has edited and ghostwritten several books, but he Million Mile Journey is his first novel.


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  1. Harry Lang (verified owner)

    A fine effort – Mr. Gray has done his homework and then some. Chang is no cookie cutter character. His background as an economics graduate student raised in Communist China is thoroughly convincing and engaging. It’s no accident that the setting is the doctoral program at a well-regarded university. The book is loaded with philosophical, social and personal conflicts, skillfully woven together to present a portrait of an intelligent and sensitive young man struggling to find his way in the alien culture of the “decadent” United States. But this is no travelogue or soap opera. Mr. Gray has a few points to make. Upon his arrival in the U.S. Chang is immediately introduced to Christianity. He is determined to apply his considerable analytical skills to the comprehension and refutation of this alien ideology, and is encouraged by intellectually savvy professors and other believers to honestly follow wherever his investigations lead. The dedicated reader will be happy to find that Mr. Gray evades many of the pitfalls common in today’s “Christian” fiction, while giving the mind a serious workout. He provides no pat answers, no telegraphed conclusions or shortcuts to preferred outcomes; just a solid story, well told.

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