Light for the Journey

Light for the Journey

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“How can God be a father?” a Muslim student asks. “He was never married!” Whether fielding questions from Muslim students, getting lost in Hong Kong’s back alleys, or surviving an earthquake in Java,…

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“How can God be a father?” a Muslim student asks. “He was never married!” Whether fielding questions from Muslim students, getting lost in Hong Kong’s back alleys, or surviving an earthquake in Java, long-term missionary Rosella M. Kameo has learned to expect the unexpected and see the world through different eyes. In Light for the Journey, she draws on her wealth of cross-cultural experiences with wit and gentle wisdom to reflect on the truth of God’s word, challenging readers to question their cultural assumptions and see their faith in a new light. This insightful resource can be used as a devotional for personal study or meditation, a guide for small-group discussion, or a sourcebook for sermon illustrations. Each of the seventy-five meditations in Light for the Journey includes: a relevant Scripture verse a story from theAuthor’s experience with a universal reflection three questions for study or discussion a prayer Whether you have lived in another culture or enjoy traveling the world by armchair, you will cherish these inspirational devotions that celebrate God’s grace.

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2 reviews for Light for the Journey

  1. Archive Review

    Marcia Cooper
    November 1, 2014 – 6:19am

    At a time of so much mistrust and misinformation, Rosella Kameo’s Light for the Journey offers refreshing insight into the essence of what binds all of humanity together. As a young woman she had the courage and calling to step out of her comfort zone to live and work among people of other cultures. What an inspiring testament to what it means to be a “citizen of the world”! Her cross-cultural stories and reflections, written from the perspective of “living” them daily, remind us that human diversity is not a barrier but a pathway to understanding our neighbor.

    Through wisdom that comes from experience, Kameo shows that love, acceptance, and respect for people of every faith, creed, and race bridge cultural barriers and enable us to respect our neighbors near and far. Whether you have experienced cross-cultural living or are simply eager to understand those things that divide and unite us across cultures, Kameo’s delightful devotional reflections, written with humor and a gentle spirit, are a wonderful source from which to learn. This collection helps readers understand other faiths and customs through the eyes of one who has humbly lived an authentic cross-cultural experience and desires to share it through expressive and artful writing. Use Light for the Journey as an insightful resource for study groups and informal discussions!

    — Marcia Cooper, Blountville, Tennessee

  2. Archive Review

    Dusty Knisely
    November 3, 2014 – 1:57pm 5

    Here is a truly useful, insightful devotional book for your journey, one that will open your eyes to new worlds where our Lord is working. And with questions that are challenging and awakening. A book that may make you see worlds that you have never seen before or may have seen, but forgot they need your prayers and encouragement. Read p. 10, “A LEAP OF FAITH” for starters – and ask yourself, how am I helping spread Christ’s words to the least of these AND then ask God, if you dare, “what can I do, I am only one person?” May you grow from this book as much as I did.

    Dusty Knisely, Dillsburg, PA

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