Jericho Unmasked: An Entrapped Lesbian’s Journey to Freedom


Abused as a child, traumatized by legalistic religion as a young adult, and embraced by the gay community after her divorce, author Cari Gintz traces her journey into the light of God’s miraculous love. This dramatic memoir showcases the redemptive power of the God who never let her go and offers encouragement to family members and friends of those struggling with sexual identity issues.



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Before she was six years old, Cari Gintz found salvation in Christ, but childhood abuse, trauma sustained through legalistic religion, and an ongoing struggle with her sexual identity took a steep toll on her relationship with God. A wall of brokenness surrounded her life, encasing her within a fortress where depravity and darkness reigned.

But even as Cari struggled through decades of pain and searching, a scarlet cord tethered her to God, leading to one miraculous moment that would collapse the walled fortress that kept her from realizing His full purpose for her life.

Tracing her journey through darkness and back into the light of God’s never-ceasing love, Cari’s memoir showcases the redemptive power of the God who never lets his children go. Sensitively told, this story offers encouragement to those with family members or friends struggling with issues of sexual identity, by underscoring the power of divine possibility, the necessity of showing love to the broken, and the importance of relational, believing prayer.

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