It’ll Be Okay

It’ll Be Okay

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Our doubts express a yearning to be sure of what—and who—we trust. When our questions are answered by trust, faith is fed and our doubts transform into deeper belief that pushes us toward a decision.


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Is it okay for Christians to doubt?

When we don’t get answers or see God’s guiding hand, it’s hard to keep praying or walking forward in faith. Difficult times often cloud our perspective. Does God see me? Does he hear me? Does he care? Many Christians confuse doubt with unbelief and are afraid to admit those fears, but God is not threatened by our questions, and doubt does not negate our faith.

Our doubts express a yearning to be sure of what—and who—we trust. When our questions are answered by trust, faith is fed and our doubts transform into deeper belief that pushes us toward a decision.

  • When we address doubt head-on, faith can grow.
  • God has a plan in the good and bad that life brings.
  • God can heal our wounds and turn our past mistakes around.

Join nationally-known Bible teacher Sheryl Giesbreacht Turner as she guides you toward a deeper understanding of the role doubt plays in your spiritual growth—and how learning to ‘doubt your doubts’ enables faith to prevail.


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9 reviews for It’ll Be Okay

  1. Heidi McLaughlin

    I knew this was the book for me when I read Sheryl’s statement: “Doubt…its purpose is more to sharpen the mind than to change it.” That’s what Sheryl Giesbrecht did when she wrote IT’LL BE OKAY; her words cause us to sharpen our re-thinking and take us from doubt to truth. Sheryl writes with raw authenticity and God given wisdom. Her personal stories, intermingled with Biblical applications guide the reader to re-consider doubt and believe that when God is in control, it’ll be Okay. Thank you Sheryl for sharing your heart.

  2. Erin

    A genuine look into one of the hardest topics for Christians to face – doubt in times of struggle. Doubts of God’s goodness, doubts of what the future will hold… Sheryl gives us an honest discussion about the struggles we face and how to draw near to God in spite of/because of them. Read and be encouraged and challenged in the best way possible!

  3. Cellaj

    In this book, “It’ll Be Okay,” I really enjoyed reading the section regarding Mother Teresa and her journey of dealing with doubts and the terrible darkness she endured.
    It’s very freeing to come to grips with the doubts that we face and to realize that those doubts can be used positively to help explore and strengthen our faith, and give us a totally new perspective of trusting Him.
    Thanks, Sheryl, for sharing your journey of faith with all of us, helping us to believe God’s Word when He tells us how much we are loved by Him, not holding our doubts and fears against us. And when we truly “find peace” and learn to trust and depend on Him, “It’ll Be Okay.”

  4. Merleen Johnson

    Deeply insightful, scripture-based, and altogether hope-filled
    Feel like you’re the only Christian struggling with doubt? Think your faith is weak because you doubt? Then this book is well worth investigating. The author explores her own and others’ faith journeys and delves into scripture to conclude that God wants us to doubt our doubts so he can take us to a deeper faith. “We need to let the tension between doubt and belief become faith-producing as we tell God all about our doubts.” Giesbrecht Turner shares many other authors’ insights as well. I’ve found this book to be a meaty, transparent, and application-focused read that can empower you to doubt your doubts, build up your identity in Christ, and strengthen your faith.

  5. Saundra Smith

    Even the most faith-filled people experience times of doubt. In It’ll Be Okay, Sheryl explains how God can even use our doubts for His glory. She not only gives the reader permission to examine their doubts head-on but provides the biblical truths needed to overcome them. Sheryl’s personal stories met me right where I was with the truth of God’s word and the grace needed to move from doubt to greater trust in Him.


    Sheryl shares God’s word and her heart in this book. She writes “Doubts need to be addressed, or they will rot your faith from the inside out. Be honest with God and yourself. Dealing with doubt to the point of renewed belief brings spiritual strength”.
    This book will encourage anyone having troubles and the darkness it brings.

  7. Rebecca Richter

    Sheryl’s best book yet! She describes how she finally accepted God’s plan for her life, through tragedy, pain, and disappointment; and learned to let go and trust in the One and Only! And how God is a God worth waiting for!

  8. Judy Lynn Lowery

    At one time or another, we all seem to be bombarded by doubts. In “It’ll Be Okay:Finding God When Doubt Hides the Truth,” Sheryl Giesbrecht Turner helps the reader through the process of acknowledging and working through doubts. This book is written from the heart, encouraging, easy to read and filled with practical ways to change negative thought patterns to assurance, peace and joy. I highly recommend “It’ll be Okay!”

  9. A. Garrison

    Sheryl Giesbrecht Turner’s book “It’ll Be Okay: Finding God when Doubt Hides the Truth” offers powerful steps to walking in a trusting relationship with God, embracing all that God has for our lives. Sheryl uses her personal experiences, as well as scripture and the insights of others, to guide readers into a hope-filled and rewarding walk with God. Sheryl reminds us who we are in Christ, and addresses many doubts that arise as we walk through the Christian life. These doubts hinder our walk with God, and Satan may use them to undermine our sense of confidence as a child of God—thoughts of shame, of fear, that God doesn’t hear us, that things will never get better, thoughts blaming others and refusing to forgive, thoughts focused on our problems and not the solution, etc.
    Sheryl suggests we “doubt our doubts,” and rethink them, leading to confidence in God’s truth. I am one of those people Sheryl mentions who struggle in situations where I have no control, especially when I must wait (impatiently) for God to work things out in my life, afraid of what He will do. Sheryl provides me with an enticing option: invite God into my situation (my waiting room) to experience the wait with me and show me how he will, in his time, make something very good out of a situation I find uncomfortable, scary, and/or unbearable. I can trust God to do what is best for me, and relish the time with Him as he does just that!

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