In Search of the Golden Strand: Living Together Well with The Doctrines of Grace


The desire of every pastor’s heart should be the glory of God and the joy of his flock. Far too often we are robbed of this joy through tribal squabbling, confusion, and unnecessary division. In his book, In Search of the Golden Strand , (retired) pastor and author Dean Davis undertakes—among other things—to identify from Scripture the “balancing factors” that will serve to unite believers on both sides of the Calvinist / Arminian divide. With gentleness, reverence, and a pastor’s heart, Davis encourages the Church to find understanding and unity in all the glorious truths that bind us together. No matter where you stand on these controversial issues, I trust you will find In Search of the Golden Strand to be immensely edifying.  – Stephen Saucier, pastor of Sunfield Baptist Church, Du Quoin, IL

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“Them’s fightin words!” So say many Christians when you mention the Doctrines of Grace, otherwise known as the Five Points of Calvinism. How have these excellent gifts from God our Father become a battleground on which we war against each other, instead of common ground on which we fight as one in the cause of the gospel?

In this book, retired pastor and author Dean Davis traces the problem to a species of drowning. The trouble begins when we fail to see that God has given us not one, but two oceans of divine revelation dealing with salvation. The first is the Sovereignty Perspective. This ocean speaks of God’s eternal decrees, his all-controlling providence, and the five Doctrines of Grace. Here are the waters where our Calvinist brethren love to swim. The second is the Test Perspective. In this ocean we encounter a loving Creator who is pleased to test his free human creatures through his self-revelation in nature, conscience, and the gospel. Here is where our Arminian brothers love to swim.

But, Davis warns, when we elect to swim more or less exclusively in one ocean, we forfeit the blessings of the other and actually wind up drowning: overwhelmed by waves of confusion, anxiety, anger, and internecine war.

The solution? Davis calls it the Golden Strand: that narrow spiritual isthmus where the two oceans meet, where he himself found solid ground, and where the Church can indeed live together well with the Doctrines of Grace. He invites you to join him there.

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