Get Organized God’s Way

Get Organized God’s Way


Get Organized God’s Way teaches how to bring God’s peace and order into our chaos. Eileen Koff, award-winning Certified Professional Organizer, says there is a spiritual component to our cluttered lives and homes. She unveils the lies and misconceptions that keep people in darkness and disarray so they can experience God’s purpose for our lives, as well as prioritize their gifts and talents to serve others. Using real-life stories, Scripture, and strategic questions to enhance the personal application, Get Organized God’s Way reveals a plan to not only transform your spaces but be transformed by the Word of God. 


With the abundance of how-to books and advice on organizing, why do we still struggle with clutter? Is there a deeper problem underneath our piles of possessions? Could it be that clutter is really a spiritual issue?  

As a certified professional organizer, author Eileen Koff unveils the disorganizing lies that keep people in darkness and disarray. Get Organized God’s Way sheds light on God’s plan to bring His order into your chaos so you can experience His perfect peace and purpose for your life. 

This study will empower you to 

  • break free from false beliefs that keep you in bondage to your possessions 
  • remove distractions so you can hear God’s voice clearly 
  • create space to prioritize your gifts and talents to serve others 
  • outline realistic expectations on how to maintain your work and 
  • flourish in your relationships with God and with others.  

Get Organized God’s Way uses real-life stories, the study of Scripture, and strategic questions to enhance your learning and personal application. It has changed the lives of hundreds of clients seeking guidance and inspiration. Our prayer is that it will not only transform your spaces but that you will experience the transforming power of God’s Word.

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