Fighting My Battles with God on My Side

Fighting My Battles with God on My Side


A woman who has experienced God’s help in the battles of life gives practical and inspirational help for those who feel alone or are struggling with runaway emotions, relationships, or fear; negative thoughts or self-defeating fears; or living for the approval of others. Included are intuitive and interactive questions to help you examine areas of your heart. 


 “The Lord will fight for you; you need only to be still.” 

—Exodus 14:14 NIV 


Do you feel as if you are all alone in the battles you are fighting? 

Do your emotions rule you and how you respond to others? 

Do your negative thoughts defeat you and make you feel less than? 

Are you hiding behind a mask or living for the approval of others? 


The truth is, the battle is not yours. God is on your side; he is with you and fights for you in the difficulties of life. 


You will find inspiration, practical and biblical advice, and help from someone who has experienced God walking with her through both the hard times and the joys of life. Interactive and intuitive questions will help you dive deeper into what God has for you. 

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