Fierce Wholeness: Finding Myself After Childhood Emotional Trauma

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After experiencing traumatic family relationships, an abortion, two marriages with three bright children, and careening through several churches, author Robin Meade is still standing when many others would have fallen—caught by the sin-cursed trap that our decisions hold over us. Yet she’s discovered the beautiful secret that picked her up from the rocky riverbed and brought her to the lush landscape: fierce hope in Jesus.

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When the Bible talks about the third- and fourth-generational curse, that’s so true. If the curse is not broken by you, then who will stop it dead in its tracks? Dealing with forgotten pain, things you stuff down just to survive, is serious business. But that’s what Robin Meade did. Growing up, she was criticized, put down, and stomped on—by her own family. She chose to bury her pain.

Fierce Wholeness: Finding Myself after Childhood Emotional Trauma is Robin’s story—in all of its raw and messy but authentic and beautiful transparency as she unpacks the trajectory of her life from childhood to adulthood and seeks to repair the dam that had been busted, the riverbed that had been washed away, the landscape that had been obliterated by her family of origin.

Readers who grew up in the clutches of the branches of emotional abuse will be empowered by Robin’s story because of the freedom that Jesus gives. Robin’s story is raw and authentic, and readers will be encouraged by how they too can find fierce wholeness in Christ.

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10 reviews for Fierce Wholeness: Finding Myself After Childhood Emotional Trauma

  1. Rita M Smallcombe

    I loved this book. It makes you think and look at how people treat each other.

  2. Ruth Shafer

    I can personally say that this book is well articulated and thought out. Robin brings hope and encouragement for those of us that suffered emotional and verbal abuse as children.
    There is hope but on our own we find it difficult to find! You do matter, you are important and valuable and this book explores those attributes and gives conclusions.

  3. Sarah Lennox

    I enjoyed this book! The author’s vivid writing style and sincerity kept me interested and looking forward to the next chapter. The author’s journey through self healing is a heartfelt testimony of how faith in God and ourselves can improve our lives.

    This book is quite thought provoking and will lead many readers to think about personal struggles of their own. I recommend also purchasing the Fierce Wholeness Companion Journal, which is a wonderful tool for the reader who wants to begin their own healing journey.

  4. Alexandra J

    Robin Meade’s debut book, Fierce Wholeness, Finding Myself After Childhood Emotional Trauma, is truly written from the heart. The author writes about her growing up in a Mid Western family who really didn’t see and know her. She overcame huge obstacles to become a thoughtful, caring and strong woman.

    The author suffered from an overbearing mother who wanted to control everything in her life down to the posters on her wall as a teenager. Robin’s father ever present in her life but the relationship with her mother drove her away even at a time of great compassion and need.

    In chapter 9 entitled Planting Terraces of Grass Robin writes about a visit by her mother and father to her home in Chicago for a week. This particular visit came at a time when her second child was about to graduate from high school which just happened to coincide with her mother’s own high school reunion. Mom had self published a book of fiction, a thinly disguised work of her first thirty five years of her life, and had arranged to have a book signing at the reunion. [107} During a walk taken by her father and one of Robin’s children he fell down which resulted in an emergency hospital visit. Fortunately nothing was broken but his knee was badly swollen. This entire time her mother was most concerned about her book signing even though the doctors at the hospital suggested that he stay for several days under observation. Robin and her children took turns at caring for her father but in the end Robin was once again hit by her mother’s venom. You are going to help? You can’t even help yourself! You have never amounted to anything. Nothing you have ever done has succeeded. You can’t do anything for us! [112]

    Through the book the author writes about many such events in her life where she has learned how to not to let this happen again and again to her own family of three children. Just when you may think that wow did that really happen to her, something else occurs which challenges her to overcome and continue on her path to build a strong foundation. Coming away from the reading I have learned much about the author and admire her strength and tenacity.

    Fierce Wholeness and its companion journal, under the same title, comes highly recommended as each of us can set boundaries in our life , as Robin did, and come out stronger for doing so.

  5. Peggy Patlan

    Read it! Share it! Keep it! RereD it!

    Fierce Wholeness is a beautifully written book that will keep you empathizing with the talented author and keep you striving for excellence through her journey from childhood to the present. It is so easy to get caught up in one’s pain and failures. Yet, with God’s help, one can break the curse and strive for a future of excellence—excellence in relationships, raising children, setting boundaries, establishing a career, participating in society (just to name a few areas). This book is an easy, interesting read that will promote hope in all of our lives as we relate in some way to the author’s experiences. Read it for hope, share it with a group, work through the companion journal. You will be glad you did!
    Peggy P

  6. Juliann Balis

    Highly recommended! An inspirational story of facing past pain, finding peace, and embracing the possibilities of a brighter future. She shows that no matter how bad things seem, we are never alone. We just have to be willing to open our eyes and heart and seek that help. A must read! And get the companion journal! It offers a path to help you release what may be holding you back fom being YOUR best self!

  7. Julie Mccourt

    This is a wonderful account of God’s healing power. Robin Meade’s honest account of her childhood abuse/trauma and her journey to wholeness captivated my attention. In her walk to become more Christlike she found the healing power of God almighty. This tale is inspirational for anyone that has suffered abuse.

  8. Sarah Laughlin

    Beautifully written, Fierce Wholeness by Robin Meade tells a personal story of growth and faith that taught me quite a bit about both. Engaging and cohesive, I enjoyed reading this book.

  9. Laura Prelletz

    Wow! What a beautiful account of God’s majestic work of healing. Robin skillfully writes about her journey working through her past trauma to becoming fiercely whole in Christ. It was such an honor to have her walk us through this reflective process as she learned the healthy coping skill of setting emotional boundaries and deepened her understanding of God’s forgiveness that allowed her to forgive. She has so much wisdom to share from her personal experiences of breaking through a ceiling of a self-limitations. A must read to grow in your walk with Christ!

  10. MV Cardenas

    Although my family trauma is different than Robin’s (my father was a domestic abuser), her story resonated with me. Unfortunately, too many of us have been made to feel “less than” by the people who are supposed to protect and love us the most. But Robin reminds us that WE are in charge of what our lives can be. We can leave all those old wounds behind us and, no longer weighed down by them, we can choose to love ourselves and build happy, meaningful lives. Thank you for sharing your story, Robin. You make all of us more powerful by reminding us who we really are: strong, intelligent and valuable human beings.

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