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Michael Merker’s personal experience with a touring production of the popular musical Godspell, a dramatization of God’s Word, led him to experiment with the adaptation of Bible literature into performance material. Through directing and performing these works, he not only grew in his own understanding of the Word but shared the gospel with his audiences and fellow performers. 

With the desire to spark a movement of committed practitioners who aim to reach the entire world for Jesus Christ, Michael has created a practical guide for others who share his love for theater and discipleship. Depth by Drama is for missionaries, group leaders, pastors, and anyone who wants to create and present Bible-based shows for the evangelism of the lost and the discipleship of performers and others involved in the productions. With the help of this thorough guidebook, readers can discover the great blessings gained from rehearsing and performing the Word of God and biblical literature, both for the actor and the audience. 

Whether it’s for your personal Bible study, an exercise for a group, or a full-scale performance for an audience, this book—along with the Bible—will be all you need to learn how to put together a production based on Scripture. Now, break-a-leg for Jesus! 

“If I were a rich man, I would put Michael Merker’s new book, Depth by Drama: Dramatic Discipling, in every church in America and Europe. Why? Because every church needs it. Most churches aren’t doing a very good job of making disciples, so Michael created a revolutionary plan to help the church use the arts to teach discipleship.

Beyond discussion of basic concepts, this book provides how-to, hands-on instruction for a church of any size to employ classic storytelling to convey biblical truths in dramatic ways. The audience will learn about being a disciple of Jesus Christ while the actors, director, tech members, and stagehands become disciples. Michael Merker has been acting, directing, and writing for decades—he knows his stuff. This is a book I intend to use, and you should too.” – Dr. Geoffrey Ross Holtz, Teaching Pastor, Plateau Community Church, Enumclaw, WA

“Do you love Jesus, theater, and a compelling memoir? Then Michael Merker’s Depth by Drama: Dramatic Discipling needs to be at the top of your to-read list. At once instructive and entertaining, Michael’s personal story infuses this how-to for using theater as a tool of discipleship. I have read it through several times and created my own list of ways I’d like to put Michael’s wisdom into action. Whether you lead a group or want to add some spark to your personal Bible study, this book will elevate your walk and inspire your creativity.” – Lesley Ann McDaniel, Editor, Author, and Theater Lover

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