As One

What does a man loving his wife like Christ loves the church look like?  “As One” gives simple and practical answers to this question.


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What does a man loving his wife like Christ loves the church look like?

As One: Like Christ and the Church guides men in ways to love their wives in daily conversation, actions, and gestures. The climate of the home, direction of the family, and the comfort and confidence of the wife all start with the man.

Marriage is not “one size fits all.” Reginald Holder prompts men to ask God for understanding and guidance, study their wives daily, and then to operate in love with the knowledge gained. “I desire to see men whole, vibrant, and operating in the authority given to them as citizens of the kingdom of God.”

Readers will find practical answers and suggestions to equip husbands, and strengthen husband and wife relationships, and families.

  • Loving your wife right is possible.
  • Showing outward affection shows strength.
  • The payoff is worth it!

For the married man who will learn from this book that it’s never to late to turn it around; for the single man hoping to one day marry; for the married woman who needs to know what to look for in her husband; and the single girl on what to expect from her future husband—this book will cover it all.

—Sr. Pastor Alvin Love, Nashville Life

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