50 Devotionals For Disaster Relief Chaplians


It’s not just those suffering from disaster who need physical, emotional, and spiritual support, but the volunteer chaplains and their teams also need that same support, if not more. Seasoned disaster relief chaplain James (Jim) R. Ellsworth has compiled an empowering and encouraging devotional comprised of fifty short, insightful devotionals for chaplains to bring to their teams each day.

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In a world that often experiences natural and physical catastrophes, ready support is widely available to meet the tangible needs of the affected individuals. But what about the intangible, deep needs of those who serve people in communities struck by disasters—the volunteers on deployment? After day-in-and-day-out efforts are expended for the people they minister to, team members often feel drained to the point of physical, mental, and spiritual exhaustion.

To fill the gap in the lack of resources available for disaster relief chaplains, Chaplain James (Jim) R. Ellsworth offers 50 Devotionals for Disaster Relief Chaplains during Deployment to

  • meet the spiritual and emotional needs of the volunteers;
  • show that God has a purpose for their lives in being a disaster relief volunteer;
  • empower volunteers to find peace and joy while on short- or long-term deployment.

Written with the heart of a seasoned chaplain for chaplains, Jim explores the timeless truths of God’s Word as it relates to disaster relief and those helping their “neighbors” recover from unforeseen traumatic events.

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