On today’s episode, Cam Molineux:

In today’s episode, we welcome, Cam Molineux. She discusses her Romans 8:28 story, her book The Spirit of a Revolution, which seeks to remind fellow Americans what our founding fathers believed in and what was worthy of a fight.

Key Ideas:

  • How are you making an impact?
  • What is worth fighting for?
  • Why is history important?

Cam Molineux Quotes:

“There are times of transition in our lives that make us take a different path”.

Why history is important with Cam Molineux!

Athena Dean Holtz

“God has a plan, the Lord’s finger prints are all over it.”

Why history is important with Cam Molineux!

Where to Find Them!

Cam Molineux

Athena Dean Holt


Fighting. Fighting for your country. What is worth fighting for. History.

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