The Spirit of a Revolution

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“Between 1768 and 1774, Molineux was behind only Samuel Adams in importance as a Boston organizer.” ‒J. L. Bell, Boston historian

In the years leading up to the Revolutionary War, the American colonies are teetering on the brink of disaster. With the threat of unbridled control by the British Parliament, Boston patriots seek to overturn their Motherland’s tyrannical practices.

William Molineux, a rabble-rouser and little-known figure in American history, resists Britain’s oppressive ways so colonists can live in the land of the free and be masters of their own destiny. The struggle for freedom in prerevolutionary Boston—by real people with hopes, dreams, and families—is eerily similar to what Americans face in the opening decades of the twenty-first century.

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Sometimes history books leave out the most important story.

“With the exception of Samuel Adams, no name is oftener found in connection with the public acts of the day, than that of William Molineux, and his death . . . was a great loss to the patriot cause.”

‒Francis S. Drake, nineteenth-century historian

If not for William Molineux, a man of determined spirit and rowdy imagination, the Boston Tea Party might never have happened. Yet you won’t read about him in most history books—but you will in The Spirit of a Revolution. His fight for freedom is eerily similar to what Americans face in the opening decades of the twenty-first century.

He and next-door neighbor John Hancock engage in illicit trade deals with Holland for a precious commodity—untaxed tea. As Molineux watches seismic changes unfold before him, he must grapple with political issues shaping his daily life. When British troops set up camp within sight of his front door, Molineux springs into action. His rabble-rousing ways dub him the author of the so-called massacre and culminate in the iconic Boston Tea Party. 

History comes to life in this family-friendly, liberty-loving novel that seeks to rekindle The Spirit of a Revolution.

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  1. David Williams

    History comes alive! Spirit of a Revolution paints a picture (warts and all) of what led up to the revolutionary war by focusing on key players in Boston. We often take for granted that “Americans” were united in fighting the British for independence. It wasn’t that way. It took arguing, fighting, and much heartache to decide it was worth risking their livelihoods and lives. I enjoyed the book very much and learning about the individuals who helped make it happen. I applaud the author’s research to weave together a historically accurate but compelling story at a personal level. Certainly made me appreciate our country and the sacrifices involved. Highly recommended.

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