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Go to the Deep Places with Jan Loyd and Sue Bowles

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On today’s episode, Jan Loyd and Sue Bowles:

In today’s episode, we welcome She Writes for Him Bootcamp Graduates Jan Loyd and Sue Bowles. They share their most impactful Romans 8:28 stories to showcase God’s faithfulness amidst the darkness that stems from a broken world and broken choices—both our own and the choices of others.

Key Ideas:

  • How does God protect us?
  • How does God use our tragedy?
  • Is our suffering worth it?

Jan Loyd Quotes:

“And the Holy Spirit told me, ‘Go to the place where you and I live together and nothing can touch. Not cancer, not circumstances, not the darkness, not people, not nothing. Go to the place.'”

Go to the Deep Places with Jan Loyd and Sue Bowles

Sue Bowles Quotes:

“God’s going to work things together for good, and that means there’s gonna be bad. And also, God loves me. You see both of those in that verse.”

Go to the Deep Places with Jan Loyd and Sue Bowles

Athena Dean Holtz:

“It’s hard for us to make sense of pain and if we can see, ‘Oh! There is a purpose. It can be used for good and you don’t have to have arrived, you just have to be that one step ahead.‘”

Go to the Deep Places with Jan Loyd and Sue Bowles

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