Lots Going On At Redemption Press!

The team at Redemption Press is a tight knit group of Jesus followers who care for one another and the authors we serve.

I must admit when I first heard Hannah (our office manager) was pregnant, I went into denial! How could we survive without her?

She’s been with us from the very beginning of Redemption Press… starting part time and then feeling the Lord calling her to step out in faith, walk away from what she’d been trained for, and a lucrative job in a high end beauty salon in Bellevue, to come and work full time at Redemption Press.

A very pregnant Hannah

She is a true asset and loved by our authors and her fellow team members, and now her time is drawing nigh! Trinity Lynn is due on April 14 and Hannah will take 2 months off to make the most of those first precious few months. Then she’ll be coming back in a little different capacity, part of the time in the office, and the rest working from home.

Over the last month she’s been training up her replacement, Sara Kleeman. I first met Sara when a friend brought her to a Bible study I was facilitating on Thursday nights.  I knew when I met her she was a “get it done” kind of person, and now I know that assessment of her was spot on. She and her husband Rudy have been in youth ministry for many years, and she has an infectious energy and bubbly personality. We’re excited to have her on the team!

Look for more insights into the team here at Redemption Press in upcoming posts.

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