In this slideshow presentation, Athena Dean Holtz walks us through the process of turning a series of sermons into a professional, publishable book.

Watch the slideshow below to discover the benefits of getting your sermons into book form and why this just might be perfect for you. From funding options to editing to all the steps and tips from a pro, this post has you covered!

Please click here to view Athena’s “Turning a Sermon Series into a Book” slideshow presentation. The slideshow will open in a new window. Once it loads, select the second presentation down from the right-hand side of the slideshow player to view the correct presentation.  Contact us if you have any difficulties, thank you.

Do you have a series of sermons that you’d like published? Whether or not you are simply enticed by the concept or totally ready to publish let us help you with your next steps and help get His message to as many Christians as possible.

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