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Bookend Full Circles from my Women of Joy San Antonio Trip

For those of you who know my story, you know this trip to San Antonio for Women of Joy was a huge full circle for me. Five years ago I stood on the stage at the San Antonio Women of Joy event as a media partner, an unmarried full-time radio broadcast missionary with my weekly […]

A Day in the Life of Our Project Manager

As a former WinePress author and Publicity and Marketing Assistant (2009-2012), Amber is no stranger to the Christian, self-publishing industry. Due to her ability to intimately understand the publishing process from an author’s standpoint, and her sincere desire to serve our authors with love, integrity and professionalism, Amber brings invaluable wisdom, passion, and work experience […]


Lots Going On At Redemption Press! The team at Redemption Press is a tight knit group of Jesus followers who care for one another and the authors we serve. I must admit when I first heard Hannah (our office manager) was pregnant, I went into denial! How could we survive without her? She’s been with […]

Redemption Press Celebrates Successful First Year as Christian Self-Publisher

Happy Anniversary Redemption Press! It’s been one successful year since Redemption Press established itself as the premier Christian self-publishing service, filling a void for Christian authors worldwide with unique and attentive services led by Athena Dean Holtz. This last month has been full of so many anniversary dates, my head is still spinning! From the […]

The Ripple Effect in Publishing

I was talking to a long-time author friend a few days ago and she said something that really humbled me. We were just catching up on life face-to-face on Skype, and she looked at me and said “my great grandson finished his Eagle Scout project today, because of YOU.” I felt as though I looked over […]

Resurrection is Happening at Redemption Press!

resurrection  (ˌrɛzəˈrɛkʃən) —noun a supposed act or instance of a dead person coming back to life belief in the possibility of this as part of a religious or mystical system the condition of those who have risen from the dead: we shall all live in the resurrection the revival of something: a resurrection of an old story I’ve been pondering the word resurrection and the way it has woven through my life in so many areas. Today is Good Friday…a dark day that left the disciples feeling worn out, defeated, doubting. I think of all the times I felt this way…beat down by the enemy of […]

Meet the Publisher

I've been around Christian publishing since 1987 when I helped our ministry self-publish an important resource for Vietnam veterans and their families. That book went on to be picked up by a royalty publisher and has since sold over 250,000 copies with a million in print.

I'm glad you're here…stop by often and take advantage of all the information we make available.

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